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SNMoore, 2007-08-07

Anyone know how to sort out the static build hack for dfu-util?

I gather that Mac OS X doesn't support static binaries in this case i.e. it has no crt0.o.

I've tried --disable-static, as well as AC_DISABLE_STATIC and AM_DISABLE_STATIC, but I always end up with entries for dfu-util_static in the makefile.

SNMoore, 2007-08-07

Anyone know how we can link directly to patches in Bugzilla? It doesn't look like they're done as attachments.

I'd far rather reference the Bugzilla details directly, rather than having to provide an independent link to my personal patch file.

I cannot add a jffs2 or kernel image to OpenMoko Flasher. I add it, it says it is in the cache, but I do not see it listed. Ideas?

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