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Hi Graziano,

thank you very much for setting up this page! I think those comparisons are very valuable.
I personally have run pretty much all of the distributions and have currently settled for android.
So I wanted to ask you if you were willing to extend your page to
SHR | Android Freerunner | Android HTC
keeping all the categories. I could provide the android on freerunner information and maybe more people start to add their information. android on freerunner is a lot more responsive than shr; I don't know why and if this will ever change (is enlightenment slower than what android is using?). This I think is one of the essential questions on where development = community will go in the future as a responsive phone is much more fun. what's bad about android is that it is very difficult to find gpl apps for it on the web in one place like in

best regards


Hi Robin,

thank you for contributing to this page.

I already own an Android powered device but I don't like the way android/linux is built because it doesn't follow the standard of a normal GNU/Linux distribution.

It is also released under apache 2.0 while I, being a free software activist, prefer a better libre license like GNU GPL which is the one SHR is using.

So my efforts will focus on SHR and its usability but feel free to produce a similar page for android on freerunner if you wish.

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