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Currently trying to port some of my own small tools to the OpenMoko FreeRunner



NetKitty is a basic and reduced version of Netcat that provides some features that I found useful, like supporting several connections and listening ports at the same time or using BlueTooth.

It is also my test programs for learning how to make programs really small. Current version is 1.7 and in the official page you can find a 38Kb static binary version for OpenMoko FreeRunner, a nice photo :) and a brief tutorial.

Any comments welcomed.

Note: Version 1.5 adds the -os flag to support backups as described in Getting_Started_with_your_Neo1973#Initial_backup. See the tutorial to find out how to do that (note that you can do that via BlueTooth)

Note 2: Version 1.7 RSO (really small one) is now available. This version no longer depends on the BlueZ library


The picoFlamingo project is a 3D portable presentation system that uses the BeagleBoard and the picoDLP projector to be compact and portable. In order to navigate the presentation, several devices are supported. One of this devices is the OpenMoko.

In the final part of this video an OpenMoko Freerunner is used for navigation and for control of a 3D object (a cube in this case). A more complete interface is in development for fully control the system from our OpenMoko FreeRunner.

picoFlamingo is currently in development and is part of the Sponsored Project Program (Contest #3) from the BeagleBoard community.

Pervasive Widgets (Hermits)

Based on a PoC Mobile Agent System called AGNES developed as an use case for GNU/EDMA we have introduced the concept of Pervasive Widgets. The current demonstration shows how a simple TODO widget moves from a normal laptop to an OpenMoko Freerunner and back again, each time the user interact with the devices.

Here you can see it on action. For further details check this.

We have named this "Pervasive Widgets" Hermits like the Hermist Crab not the Human Hermits.

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