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I've tested out quite a few applications for Android, and I'll post my comments and thoughts here.

I have the .apk files of all of these Applications. I'll try to link to where I got them from, but if I forgot, you can look it up on Google or ask me for it and I'll attach it or email it. To install, it's simply...

ADHOST= ./adb install WHATEVER.apk

and it'll return the results. Now, on to the reviews.

App: Amazed 2.0.1 URL: ... /apps/8872 Description: "A simple but addictive accelerometer-based marble-guidance game. " Review: Wow. Accelerometer-based is correct. The more you tilt the FreeRunner, the faster the marble moves. I fully expected this to not work, because I had never heard of Android working with the accelerometers like this. The game itself is extremely simplistic, and the graphics aren't anything special, but I can't help but be giddy about the accelerometers working. This is a good time-waster game.

App: aKeyUI v1.0 URL: ... /apps/4642 Description: "An on-screen keyboard for Android... Enter your text on-screen and select copy. Then paste this text to any text input area by long-press or holding down on the track ball..." Review: More trouble than the actual menu-button-activated keyboard, but it does have the advantage of working with the text areas that the normal keyboard can't work with. Basically you type what you want into a huge text area, copy all of the text, then long-press the text area you want to paste into and select "Paste." Otherwise, it's pretty useless.

App: Android File Browser URL: can't remember Description: Name says it all. Review: Doesn't work. It shows the contents of "ls /" in a tight GUI. Clicking on the files highlights them, but doesn't do anything. Menu button only brings up the option of the keyboard, and it does nothing.

App: ImportContacts URL: ... apps/27435 Description: "Imports contacts from vcard files located on SD card." Review: It works like it's supposed to, I guess, but it still doesn't help me. Android has never noticed any of my contacts on my SIM, and this app is no exception. It can see my qtopia_db.sqlite file from the SIM, but it doesn't find any vcards. There might be some way around this...

App: TooDo 2.2.0 URL: Description: "TooDo is a free Android rich application which enables the handheld user to manage and be reminded smartly of all the things he needs to be done" Review: It looks like it works just like it's supposed to. I don't know all of the features, so I can't really test them out. It looks snazzy and appears to be very well-made. The on-screen keyboard works fine with this app. It gets in the way sometimes, but you can just switch it to top view. No complaints.

App: Lunar Lander URL: can't remember Description: This is a game where you're supposed to make the lunar lander successfully land on the moon without blowing up by throttling the descent. Review: Needs hardware keyboard to work properly. Lander just falls to the ground and crashes.

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