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  • Geocaching
Currently fiddling-out software to replace my yellow Garmin eTrex, and provide a better option than the existing 'paperless geocaching' systems (..having free software that parses plain GPX files directly..)
  • A mobile phone that even rms might use
"Only a fool trusts his life to proprietary software." -- Grey Fox, Metal Gear Solid (I think).
I've run a non-profit ISP for the past 16 years-- there's just no way I'll waste money on non-free software in a production setting. (I've watched everyone else who 'compromised' get screwed in the @ss eventually..)
  • "I don't have any friends..."
I've made maybe 2 mobile phone calls in the past 12 months (everyone who counts either has email, or I meet them in person at the relevant time; landline phones didn't stop existing in 1992, either). I'd rather not waste money on a brick that sits there doing nothing for 525595 minutes of the year.
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