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Unresolved hardware questions on the Neo1973, and other platforms.

  • Questions that can probably only be answered by FIC staff
  • Questions that only require access to hardware.
  • Power consumption in various modes - by someone with P1 hardware.
    • Find a multimeter with a current range of at least 500mA.
    • Charge your neo fully.
    • Get a USB-USB extension lead - or a lead that fits the neo, one you have spare.
    • Carefully remove the outer plastic covering over a short - 5cm section in the middle of the cable.
    • Part any silver shielding under the wire to reveal the four insulated wires.
    • Cut the red wire. (not the blue wire, or it explodes! :) )
    • Strip the ends of the wires, and connect the multimeter set on 500mA to them.
    • Check you have not damaged any other wires, and check that the ends of the red wires or the probes cannot short against the exposed shielding.
    • Plug neo into this cable (either directly, or if it's used as a charging cable
    • Observe current reading on multimeter. 1ma=5mW (approx).
  • Figures that would be of use, in order of importance.

Following figures below measured from PC's root hub

    • Idle with backlight on at main screen.
      • 260 mA (310mA)
    • Idle with backlight off at main screen.
      • 180 mA (230mA)
    • Idle with backlight on, and GSM off.
    • CPU maxed out - md5sum /dev/zero, backlight on
      • Goes down from 310mA to 250mA ???
    • Playing MP3 with backlight on and volume off.
    • Playing MP3 with speakers on high, loudly.
      • 300ma with Backlight off 350ma with backlight on
    • Active on a call with backlight on.
    • Idle running only gllin with backlight on.
      • unable without gllin binary.
    • Off
    • Suspended with GSM on
      • 115mA
    • Suspended with GSM off
    • Charging with flat battery, on and off
      • (h/w revision 0x0240 (P1 bv4))
      • On: 496mA
      • Off: 50mA
      • The u-boot options controlling auto-fast charging have no effect whatsoever. Neo will only charge with 50mA when turned off (FIXME: add u-boot version)
  • The aim is to get the following numbers. CPU Idle and max. Backlight power. Audio power max. GSM modem max, normal and off.
  • Pictures of inside of front of case.
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