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Om 2008.8 Test Report

If you want to know whether the bug that you find is exist in our bug track, you can check: Custom Query
It's all the bugs that the testing team reported, by using all images including our latest release image.

About our full Test reports from June you can check: Testreport

Here are some major bugs that been found before Om 2008.8 release,
- [#1760] Out going call can not really disconnect by "End Call" if the other one did not pick up the call.
- Some of the testing phone can not make phone calls but can receive/send SMS??? (With alert message"no network")
- [#1691] qpe crashed all the time in one of our testing phone.
- Two of our phone can not wake up from suspend time, and we're still tracking it.
- [#1734] WiFi can not work (show up "unknown" all the time)
- [#1736] some boot time issue
- [#1722] Can't take GSM signal right away after on the device
- [#1661] Unable to send saved tags by entering number (Locations)
- [#1635] After x hours the call active will become unstable. Can't receive or make a phone call normally.

PLEASE CHECK THE BUG TRACK AT FIRST, if you're sure it's a bug that's not in the track, than please use the trac system well to report it, we'll appreciate it.
If you want to ask some question, you can send a mail to our lists

If you are not sure it is a bug or not, please leave a message below:

Short Description Milestone Image your name/email
(the problem you found but not sure if it is a bug) Om2008.8 (which image that you use) (wendy_hung@openmoko.com)


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