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Hi, Thanks for sharing with us this soft. What would be great : allow to add messages even when there is no network connection, and then backup the offline messages until a network connection is set. Pbm: I don't now how twitter will react if some messages were sent with another platform ?

Greetings all. I was able to successfully download and install TwitterMoko. I note that a number of other items were downloaded and installed including curl. When I go to the Applications screen, the new application (TwitterMoko) is listed. When I select it, the loading indicator appeared at the top of the screen, but then stopped. I do not seem to have a twitter client running. Neither do I have documentation. Platform: om-gta02 with the 2008.8 upgrade running. I sure would appreciate some help, pointers to where I should be able to find the documentation, etc. Thanks in advance. iceworm

Is it possible to use with twittermoko?

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