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"Think of our products as museums. We're building the environment. Each one different from the next. You'll get all the free art supplies you could imagine because we want you to add your own meaning. You choose: consume, create, or both. "

It's a small point but the use of the term museum is not right. If the art supplies are free, then an Artists Workshop might be better, at best a Gallery.

slozano: This update/distibution IS NOT for the faint of heart. There still a lot of work to be done. Among the frustrating issues is the options and back buttons at the bottom of many screens disappear at the moment they are touch!

catholicon: I also have the same issue that the options and back button go away as soon as you touch them. It seems like some kind of window stacking bug. As it is most prevalent when one window leads to open another (e.g. Exposure-->Clock) Also, I can't find a program to lock the screen, nor am I able to use the power and aux button (can I cofigure them?). There is now way I can shutdown/restart the device without launching the terminal.

slozano: The "options/back buttons" issue is resolved in the official release. Now the kernel and rootfs files are properly linked to this page. The keyboard predictive text is far from desirable. Especially if trying to enter names or email/url addresses. 12/08/2008-11:44am

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