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Took me ages to find a recipe to examine jffs2 files, so having found one I've condensed it to the essentials and created this wiki entry.

--Nimpo 15:08, 8 January 2009 (UTC)

unknown filesystem type 'Jffs2'

After running this, everything went fine up to the last line, where my mount said:

mount: unknown filesystem type 'jffs2'

This even though lsmod |grep jffs2

jffs2                 114256  0 
mtd                    25228  2 block2mtd,jffs2
zlib_deflate           30744  1 jffs2
lzo_decompress         11264  1 jffs2
lzo_compress           11264  1 jffs2

So I don't get it. Is there something missing from the recipe?

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