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AT&T/Cingular specifies the artwork so they should all look the same for the same SKU other than the vendor identification so I'm not sure what benefit there is in describing the images.

Except that some of the older SIM cards don't have anything, but markings to help denote what they are.


AT&T Prepaid Questions

Q: What is the minimum amount you can refill your account with online?

A: $15 according to reps at the AT&T store in our mall.

Q: Can you set your account up to auto-refill?

A: Not with the GoPhone prepay plans.

Refill amounts <$25 extend the account for 30 days past the date of refill.

Amounts $25+ extend the account for 90 days past the date of refill (so you want to refill near the end of the term).

You can refill in store, by phone, or online.

Q: What's the best way (if any) to ensure you get a SIM that will work with Freerunner?

I picked up the $15 ($30 with $15 instant rebates) GoPhone starter kit at RadioShack.

They setup account/phone/etc.

When I got home I pulled the sim out and put it in my Freerunner and it worked.

SMS doesn't seem to be working on my Freerunner though.

The Messages app doesn't show any even though there should be at least a couple there unread.

- Ok, a minute after this I got a message from ATT. Still don't know why the others haven't shown up...does Messages have to be running when you get a message?

--Techiem2 updated 17:13, 19 August 2008

This with Fireball success

I wonder if those who have been successful with AT&T 3G cards are only finding 2G access at their locations. I put in my 4020 sim card and get "REGISTRATION DENIED" in 2 seconds. Waiting for a long period of time does not change that. --Sagacis 14:47, 6 August 2007 (CEST)

Non-AT&T not working

How do i find out the SKU? There's a 13-Digit number followed by two letters on the back of my sim...

My provider isn't AT&T - it's O2 Germany and I as well have a 3G card. I've tested two 3G Cards and they both return CME Error 15, while non-3G cards from the same provider work flawless.

Full GSMD log is here: --Sh

Confirmed Some ATT Do work

I don't know if this will help you guys or not, I was not able to get a good picture of the SIM itself, however, I have done a few things:

My old ATT (Cingular SIM) did not work. I wish I had written down its model sorry. But I know it is one in the DOES not work list already.

I got another one from the ATT store and it two failed. It was a G3 Fireball SIM got the model number: 71234G / 3022

Following up on the last post for bug 666, I did notice that my old phone, a Nokia which all SIM work with, did only have 6 leads, that contact squarely on the SIM, and the Runner has a 8, the last two of which (closest to the outside) fall right in between the grooves on the cards with the rounded lead face (the circular grooves going around).

I took it up on my self, throwing warranty into the wind, to modify the pins, to make them contact at least the two inner rounded leads on SIM (the last set), I managed to mangle them enough doing so, and I want to say I had them moved the right place, but it still did not work, I am no electrician, and the tools at hand were clubs compared to the intricacy of the device. None the less, I am confident they were close enough to touch, and as I said, it still did not seem to work.

After having spent all day doing no work and not getting this working, I decided to go boogie boarding, and blow off the waisted day. On my way home, I decided to stop off at the Santa Monica ATT store, and after waiting through a 45 min line of people hopeless for IPOD's (and me showing off my new Moko :D ) I got a different SIM card:

71234O / 4022

As I crossed the street, cars crashing into phone poles, with my only attention on the flickering screen. my momentary fall into the black hole of despair, was quickly shattered when I restarted the gsmd. Yaaaaaayyy!!!!, there was much rejoicing, jumping in the air, and dancing ludicrously in the middle of the street. To which I am sure people thought I was crazy!

--I, on the other hand have a 71234G/3022 that will only register sometimes, sometimes jostling it around in its slot works, sometimes not, however, as a commenter mentioned in the bug report, that may be a false lead. If you have any of these cards that has this behavior, or a card that has been noted to have problems, think about posting on the bug comments, as to your experience.sirkha 16:29, 8 August 2008 (UTC)

I'm lovin' it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit by UndrWater 71234G / 3022: There was a bad batch of these cards made with the copper leads offset on the paper (copper completely to the edge of the paper, not centered). What would happen is the copper on the edge would touch the OM's SIM card holder tab. I don't know if this shorted the card, or just didn't allow enough pins for service on the OM...but replacing the card with another that has the copper centered on paper was key.

I just picked up the 71234O / 3022 with the centered copper, and it registered within 30 seconds of OM loading. Bonus: better reception than my Treo. AT&T staff may try to charge you $25 for a replacement SIM...but if you can demonstrate the bad manufacture of the SIM, you'll probably not have to fight too hard. ;)



This seems to not be AT&T specific. How about moving the information to GSM network registration?

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