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This is what I did to access the file system on the flash memory after that my Neo FreeRunner did not boot anymore. (Note that I'm using Qi and SHR-U on flash memory on jiffs).


Make a bootable SD card

Take an SD card of at least 1 GB from which all information may be deleted. I installed Hackable:1 on the SD card by following these instructions:

Boot from your SD card

Press and hold AUX button while pressing the power button. Select the second option to boot from the SD card.

Mount the file system that resides on your flash memory

mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock6 /mnt/flash/

Do your thing to make your phone booting again

For example:

  • Check the file system
  • Do an opkg upgrade of a broken operating system
chroot /mnt/flash opkg update
chroot /mnt/flash opkg upgrade
  • Backup some directories
scp -r root@ backupdir
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