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Openmoko is no longer developing new phones. Each phone had an internal name before it's reaches it's final status. Here you can follow the development for nearby.


In development


Main article: GTA04 revisions


Main article: GTA03 revisions

Already released

GTA02 (Neo FreeRunner)

Main article: GTA02 revisions

GTA01 (Neo 1973)

Main article: GTA01 revisions

3rd Party

DashExpress (HXD8)

Main article: DashExpress


  • Question: the abbreviation GTA stands for?
  • Answer: Probably, It stands for Generic Telephone Appliance
  • Answer: According to wikipedia, it stands for GNU Telephony Appliance--Benjamin 22:51, 17 August 2008 (UTC) (But in wikipedia there are no citation-source)
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