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The PCF50606 is the Power Management Unit used in GTA01. Apparently this unit is very popular in MP3 players, as the Rockbox project has talked a lot about writing a driver for it (but hasn't completed any, as far as we know).

Configuration of this PMU is done via an I2C bus from the S3C2410.



Neo 1973

Main article: Neo_1973_hardware

  • Connected to: Samsung S3C2410 via I2C, client address is 0x08.
  • The PMU also connects to EINT16 and thus can issue interrupts to the main CPU.

This chip is only used in the Neo1973. The Neo FreeRunner uses NXP PCF50633.

Voltage Regulators

Name Voltage Users
DCD 3.3V NAND FLASH, SDRAM, S3C2410 Memory and IO
DCUD 1.8V S3C2410 Core
DCDFB 3.3V I/O 3.3V, LM4857 Digital, Vibrator
D3 3.3V WM8976 Audio Codec,
D2 0.9..3.3V (variable) microSD Slot
D1 3.3V VRF (GSM RF ?)
LP 3.3V LP LCM + Panel?

Register dump after bootup

Since u-boot has built-in I2C support for the S3C2410, we can read out the register set of the PC50606 using a simple command:

GTA01 # imd 0x08 0x00 0x3c
0000: 4d 7b 48 01 00 00 00 00 64 05 43 23 00 00 01 01    M{H.....d.C#....
0010: 00 7f 7f 3f 07 3f 1f ff 00 00 ff d0 c8 00 30 88    ...?.?........0.
0020: 00 83 30 f8 c2 c4 90 f8 01 05 14 10 55 13 00 00    ..0.........U...
0030: 00 00 00 00 0e 80 4d 4d 04 00 00 00    ......MM....
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