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Much of this wiki is aimed at the developer community who have participated in developing Openmoko software.

In this section you will find information geared towards ordinary smart phone users (for example these Personas) that would like general information or would like to know about the cool features that Openmoko smart phones have.

  • Press Coverage - What the press says about the Openmoko project
  • Openmoko Core Applications - Applications currently included in the core build of Openmoko
  • Applications - Cool applications shared by the Openmoko community for you to download and install
  • Wish List - A collection of ideas suggested by the Openmoko community that may get implemented someday
  • Wish List - Hardware - A collection of features we would like to see in future Openmoko phones
  • Carriers - This is a breakdown of Openmoko-compatible providers around the world
  • Other Resources - Other freely available general information
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