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Of course we don't mean strictly the boundaries of Toronto, but anybody in the GTA is welcome here! Oshawa, Pickering, Aurora, Orangeville, even Hamilton; you're good!

Name Skills Level of Interest Location Other
Gerald A Programming Helping with Wikiversity Course on Openmoko Toronto
Ian Darwin PR, Programming north-west GTA
Richard Franks Programming Interested Toronto
Igor Foox Programming Interested Toronto/Richmond Hill
Jay M Programming/Science Anything related to linux development. Aurora
Peter Baldwin Programming/Marketing Integrating apps with Linux business server Toronto
J Pancer Beginner teaching myself linux CLI and networking using the FreeRunner Woodstock, Ontario
sparrow Programming Data Center tools and NOC management [1] Downtown Toronto
Damir Olejar Audio/Visual art, design AI / Cog. Sci. Toronto
Your name here Anything Put your interests here Littletown Other info
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