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Subgroup of Finland

Name Skills Level of Interest Location Other
Mikko Rauhala Sysadmin, networking, programming, propaganda Awaiting GTA01Bv4, Neo Advanced Pihlajisto, Helsinki Speaking about Openmoko at FUUG cruise (tba) and Linux theme night (Nov. 14th)
Carl Snellman Programming Application development/Location based services Helsinki (currently @ Palo Alto, CA, USA)
Allan Savolainen Sysadmin, networking, programming Development; Location Aware Applications, Interaction with cars (OBD-II) Near Lahti, office in Helsinki
Jonas Berlin Sysadmin, networking, programming Userspace-level framework & application hacking; communicating with other computers over bluetooth & gprs Perkkaa, Espoo
Timo Jyrinki Programming, community stuff All-around hacking, GPS+OSM, translations to Finnish at some point Helsinki area
Risto H. Kurppa Community OSM, communication w. computers, everyday communication & internet apps Helsinki area
Aapo Rantalainen Programming User applications, games, pda-stuff, everyday communication Helsinki area
Jaakko Nissi Jack of all trades, master of none. everyday communication, gps. Lake Lawn
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