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Om 2009 is the third version of the Linux distribution developed by Openmoko.



Before you install Om 2009 it is recommended to check if the bootloader and the GSM firmware of your phone are up to date. Please read the manual for your phone for this purpose.

bind-home directory

You can add a bind-home directory to the first partition (must be ext2 or ext3 ) of your SD card. On the Om 2009 boot it will be mounted as /home/root. This way you can reflash your phone without losing anything in your home directory (Paroli contacts and settings, maps, etc)

Make sure there isn't a bind-home directory first

ls /media/card/bind-home

If this exists you are already using bind-home, otherwise keep following the directions below and reboot after this

mv /home/root /media/card/bind-home
mkdir /home/root

Installation on Flash

You need the correct fso-paroli-image and uImage.bin files for your device. There are also rootfs tarballs for installing onto an SD card. Freerunner or Neo1973. Please see the manual of your phone for instructions on how to flash it.

Boot AND REBOOT! The first time it boots there some problems might occur but they're gone after the second boot.

Installation on uSD

Make sure you use ext2 or ext3 as your file system on uSD. Then check this here: Paroli-developer-setup#Upgrading_Paroli_on_a_uSD_card_installation_of_OM2009 or Booting_from_SD#Prepare_the_SD_card.

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