Location-based mobile video streaming system

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Project Title: Location-based mobile video streaming system

Project team members:

  • 葉柏毅
  • 朱家澤
  • 林柏君(lead)

Contact email: sherry7737 (at) hotmail [DOT] com

University: Dept. CS&IE, National Taipei University (國立台北大學資工系)

Short description:

The purpose of this project is to allow the mobile user to transfer his video stream, along with GPS data, back to the back-end server in real-time. That is, while the user is moving in the field, recorded video streams with tagged GPS data will interactively be sent back to the server for storage. One of the possible uses of this system would be that a user can save his on-line video file back to his blog and embed it into a map with the help of GPS data.

Links to project resources: Not yet available

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