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Random notes on SHR kernel patches (v2.6.39.4..shr-2.6.39-nodrm).


ARM: s3c24xx: Set ARCH_NR_GPIOS according to the selected SoC types.

lindi: bugfix/feature. sounds sensible. s3c specific
Seems to be at least partially upstream since v3.2-rc1:;a=commit;h=8a8ab2e64e09b56dc1324fd2f7da12346166cad1

s3c24xx: Fix level irqs on external interrupts.

lindi: bugfix. s3c specific

mtd: s3c2410_nand: Add config option to disable hw ecc at runtime

lindi: feature. simple. I personally can live without nand.
lindi: Lars tried to upstream but it was rejected:
> Lars-Peter Clausen <> writes:
>> Not quite. I had for example a 5 liner rejected by a maintainer saying he can't
>> accept any code which adds new platform code to ARM.
lindi: however that appears to have been a misunderstanding and this can be resent

Add s3c24xx_serial_console_set_silence

lindi: openmoko specific. only for gta01: to have serial console and GSM on the same port.

Add c fiq handler.

lindi: feature. tricky! Used by battery hdq queries (temperature, current, capacity etc.) and vibrator. Should just rewrite them in assembler?
lindi: mentions that google has something similar for their FIQ debugger.

Add glamo driver.

lindi: feature. tricky!! This does not include the DRM/3D bits but it is enough for me.

ARM: gta02: Add LED support

lindi: feature. openmoko specific. simple.
lindi: could this be the next candidate for upstreaming? Is there anything controversial here? has somebody already tried to upstream this?
lindi: there's a lot of extra whitespace changes, probably because the patch has been rebased many times?

gta02: Disable hardware ECC unless we get instructed to enable it

lindi: openmoko specific. nand. simple.

gta02: Remove usage of pcf50633 gpio api

lindi: openmoko specific. cleanup.

s3c2440: gta02: Configure pcf50633 gpios.

lindi: openmoko specific.

ARM: s3c2440: GTA02: Select SPARSE_IRQ

lindi: openmoko specific. simple.

gta02: Add notify handler to probe device children

lindi: openmoko specific. feature.

gta02: Add bt power management device

lindi: openmoko specific. simple. is this the right API to use? could we abuse rfkill? what do the androids/n900/N9 use?

gta02: Add gps power management device

lindi: openmoko specific. simple.

gta02: Add gsm power management device

lindi: openmoko specific. simple.

gta02: Add wlan power management device

lindi: openmoko specific. simple.

gta02: Add glamo device

lindi: openmoko specific. relatively simple, real trouble is in the glamo driver itself

Add jbt device.

lindi: openmoko specific. LCD control?

gta02: Add fiq handler

lindi: openmoko specific. depends on the tricky fiq support above.

gta02: Add battery driver

lindi: openmoko specific. depends on the tricky fiq support above.
lindi: mach-gta02.c:595: warning: ‘gta02_get_charger_online_status’ defined but not used

gta02: add support for platform_battery

lindi: openmoko specific. simple.

Add atheros sdio ids.

lindi: trivial. why does AR6003 define this in drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath6kl/hif.h and not this common file?

Add ar6000 wireless driver.

lindi: tricky! probably can never be mainlined. Maybe we can build it as a separate module package in debian?
lindi: gcc seems to inline a lot and use a lot of stack here: ioctl.c:2531: warning: the frame size of 1888 bytes is larger than 1024 bytes
From #ath6kl on freenode:
<pabs3> kvalo: does ath6kl support AR6001/AR6002?
<kvalo> pabs3: no
<pabs3> kvalo: do you think it is feasible to add support for them, or are they completely different?
<kvalo> pabs3: I haven't even seen either of them so I'm not qualified to answer :)
<pabs3> ok

Add jbt6k74 display driver.

lindi: feature. quite essential. does not look too tricky.

LEDS: leds-pwm: Add init, notfiy and exit callbacks

lindi: feature. not sure how easy this is to mainline

RTC: PCF50633: Don't request update IRQ

lindi: safe cleanup?
lindi: seems to be upstream already in 3.0.0 as 3d62b8f59bb8bd08d8e3df3ab3174aab2971d6e6

pcf50633-gpio: Add gpiolib support.

lindi: feature. has some useless whitespace changes. gpio stuff which I don't really understand
lindi: pcf50633-gpio.c:197: warning: ignoring return value of ‘gpiochip_remove’, declared with attribute warn_

pcf50633: Move pcf50633-gpio driver to the gpio drivers folder

lindi: just moves a file

MFD: pcf50633: Use mfd cells to register child devices MFD: pcf50633: Use mfd cells to register child devices

lindi: cleanup? No idea how tricky this really is

MFD: pcf50633: Use the genirq for irq handling

lindi: has again extra whitespace changes. I guess genirq is some more abstract way to handle IRQs? Can not really judge how tricky this is.

power: implement platform battery driver

lindi: feature. we can live without this if bq27x00 is mainlined or vice versa.

Define machine_is_neo1973_gta01()

lindi: trivial

glamo-mci: revert changes for Per's patchset

lindi: glamo stuff, no idea

nand/s3c2410: add mising badblocksbits value

lindi: bugfix. trivial. 
lindi: it seems this was broken in 2.6.36 and fixed again in 3.0.0 but differently: 26d9be11485ea8c1102c3e8eaa7667412eef4950

Openmoko resume reason sysfs node ported from 2.6.29

lindi: feature. I personally need this a lot so that I can differentiate between RTC and GSM wakeups

glamo-display: fix WSOD for 242 timming

lindi: openmoko specific. glamo hack. Who said 2-4-2 timings have no drawbacks? ;-)
gena2x: This is not original name for patch! And not true. I do not know why radek maned it with this way, but actually it JUST fixes WSOD with all kind of timings. Please rename it.

Enable powering off after 8s POWER press

lindi: openmoko specific. feature. simple. I personally don't really like this much however this should be easy to upstream.

gta02: add support for usb host mode

lindi: openmoko specific feature. looks quite simple.


lindi: atheros wifi hack

wm8753: use snd_soc_jack on neo1973

lindi: openmoko specific. gta01-only?

Fix high power consumption in suspend

lindi: openmoko specific. bugfix. simple. this should be a good candidate for upstreaming first?
lindi: gena2x, this needs a better commit message

Force GPS power up on resume if it were powered up on suspend

lindi: openmoko specific. Is this needed at all with qi? (My guess is no, its resume path does not touch serial ports)

lis302dl accelerometer driver

lindi: openmoko specific. feature. hard to say how tricky this is. I can personally live without accelerometers.
Paul: upstream has a different driver for the hardware:

input: lis302dl: fix the resume path

lindi: openmoko specific. bugfix to accelerometer support.

lis302dl: use ABS events rather then REL events

lindi: openmoko specific. bugfix to accelerometer support.

Fix compile error for gta02 accelerometer.

lindi: openmoko specific. trivial bugfix to accelerometer support. Why not rebase this to the patch?

tslib relies on ts pressures events so this hack is needed to get tslib stuff working

lindi: s3c specific. hack? I personally can live with evdev if this really only affects tslib.
Paul: hm, worth investigating more: is not returning pressure at all a valid thing to do for a TS driver?
Heiko Stübner <>: 
 As I'm currently also working on a touchscreen driver I came upon a lot of
 discussion and documentation about the handling of pressure values.
 In the end a driver should not use the pressure property at all if it can't
 provide meaningfull pressure data (i.e. more than 0 and 1) and tslib should be
 "long fixed", if one does not use an ancient version.

touchscreen: ignore unexpected interrupts

lindi: s3c specific. bugfix? hard to say how ready this is for mainlining.

s3c2410_ts: jitter less touchscreen for glamo, version 4

lindi: openmoko specific. quite essential. hack: read ts during vblank?
gena2x: it slows down pixclock to read jitterless data. it does that while blank so screen has no artefacts. may be it is possible to do that while blank without slowing pixclock, even that we have no VSYNC-like interrupt we should be able to calculate exact time of VSYNC because pixclock is constant and we always know current position. But this doesn't solve only major concern of this patch - it introduces link (via callbacks) between glamo and ts.

wm8753: allow setting DAI mode even while pcm is active

lindi: bugfix. should be easy to mainline. This basically fixes a bug introduced in 338ee25393a5627e8ded5819147f98b919656ce9 that was mainlined to 2.6.39
lindi: is there some other driver that needs a similar fix? tlv320dac33.c seems to have a similar if (dac33->fifo_mode == ucontrol->value.integer.value[0]) return 0;
lindi: why does this return 1?
lindi: this seems to be called from snd_ctl_elem_write. If we return 1 then it calls snd_ctl_notify, what does this mean?
lindi-_> gena2x_ptr: "return 1" is a bug in that patch, it needs to be "return 0"
lindi-_> gena2x_ptr: easy to see
lindi-_> gena2x_ptr: strace alsamixer
lindi-_> gena2x_ptr: then while true; do alsactl restore -f somestate; done
lindi-_> gena2x_ptr: alsamixer gets spammed by bogus DAI change events
lindi-_> gena2x_ptr: no other alsa control sends notifications ion this test
lindi: sent upstream:

Workaround toolchain bug:

lindi: trivial. Occurs with gcc 4.4 but not 4.6 anymore. No need to mainline :-)

First attempt at fixing openmoko bug #2478

lindi: openmoko specific. bugfix. not yet ready. See
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