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deb19 is ready to use, modified Debian sid, maintained by adiblol.

deb19 with Zhone running



  1. Download filesystem:
  2. Install Qi bootloader in NAND flash.
  3. Prepare SD card:
    • 1st partition: ext2 for system, at least 1GiB
    • 2nd partition: fat32 for user data such as music. Mounted on /mnt/userfiles. Non-obligatory, if you don't want to have this partition, comment out /dev/mmcblk0p2 in /etc/fstab.
  4. Untar filesystem archive to first partition.
  5. Unmount and/or eject SD card, then insert it into your FreeRunner.
  6. Boot by pressing POWER. Root password is changeme

Changes comparing to original Debian

Music playback with mpd - Sonata client
  • Xorg uses glamo driver instead of fbdev,
  • Configured Matchbox windows manager with finger-friendly theme,
  • Installed: Woosh, Pidgin, mpd, Sonata, VLC, SMplayer and others,
  • More finger-friendly matchbox-keyboard with Polish characters (ąćęłńóżź),
  • Touch and hold the screen to simulate right click

Known problems

  • Profile selection in Zhone doesn't work,
  • You can't switch to any window from desktop (workaround: select battery from openmoko-panel-plugin and do the switching from window that will appear),
  • Matchbox-keyboard layout has no Tab button (You can restore original keyboard layout by removing or renaming /home/omuser/.matchbox/keyboard.xml),
  • Bottom panel can crash after screen orientation change.
  • Mokomaze doesn't work because of permissions problem. (workaround: run as root).

In next release...

  • Installed wicd and Sakura
  • Screen rotation buttons (at top panel?)


  • Replace Zhone with something better. Installing phoneui-apps can destabilize frameworkd, you have been warned!
  • Better application launcher
  • Better keyboard (write something new?)
  • Install Paroli please
    • Paroli? WTF? :O Paroli is deprecated. I'll try with phoneui-apps.
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