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Period 2009-09-03 to 2009-09-16


Qtmokomain.png QtMoko

QtMoko is a Debian-based distribution for the Openmoko Freerunner phone. Phone and user interface are based on QT Extended, formerly known as Qtopia. This should be the best QtMoko image so far. We have all Freerunner hardware working (with some small glitches) and also as a phone it should be very usable. Now we have a growing number of packages in the qtmoko-apps repository and also it is possible to access endless packages from Debian. There seems to be a bug with sometimes losing SMS messages. It would be great if someone managed to find out how to reproduce this issue or send AT log. This can be either a kernel bug (phone does not wake up and the operator gives up on delivering message?) or something in Qtopia (the message arrives but gets lost) or a combination of these two. Changes from previous version:

  • Fixed no sound in incoming calls
  • Fixed wifi - now should work ok (many thanks to Paul Ferster)
  • New package repository and package feed (thanks to Ant)
  • Improved fonts - using now truetype fonts which can handle diacritics and look better. In terminal it's now possible to set fixed size font.
  • Fixes in QtMaze (thanks to Ant)
  • Improved look - using now icons instead of text
  • Improved speed for switching alsa scenarios
  • Added script for sharing GPRS connection with PC
  • Disabled dimming by default when on cable
  • Upgraded kernel to latest andy-tracking

So enjoy, thanks to everyone who helped with this release and let Radek Polak know how you like it.

Codename: 'V9'
Image: images

Hardware Works
Neo 1973 yes
FreeRunner yes
GTA04 ?
HTC-Dream ?
Other ?


New Applications

Eneolock.jpg ENeoLock

ENeoLock is screen locker inspired by Zedlock

Package: ENeoLockDebian armel
Tested on: Om2009T5,Om2008.8,SHR No information about testing!

Application Updates

Fingertier-0.1.0.png Fingertier 0.2.0

Fingertier is a minimal 'Ipod Shuffle like' finger friendly music player. Changes since 0.1.0:

  • play list is cyclic
  • volume level gets saved between restarts
  • cover image file names that are displayed can be configured
  • player prevents the phone from sleeping
  • bug fixes

Package: fingertier
Tested on: SHR-Unstable

Litephone1.png Litephone 0.1

Litephone is a phone application written in Qt which uses the opimd suite of FSO. The basic idea behind the Litephone GUI is that it is packed in one window, the various 'modules' (contacts, messages, dialer, etc) placed into tabs. No popup windows. Since the last version released by Michał, Christof Musik done some work and improved the whole code. There are also many changes and fixes for the UI. Quick summary of the changes include:

  • Improved message and phone-log view
  • Contacts can have more properties
  • Added PIN input widget and use it in PIN change dialog
  • Translation support (thanks to Bartłomiej Zimoń for polish translation)
  • Improved start up code

Package: litephone
Tested on: Om2009T5,SHR

SHR-PISI.png Pisi 0.4.6

Pisi is an application for synchronizing PIM data. Since last release, mainly the bugs discussed here on the list were addressed. New on top is the integration with SHR repository. The recipe was sent to the maintainers, hence you should be able to install or upgrade just by using opkg. Syncml-Support is on the way. Just struggling with some minor problems.

Package: pisi
Tested on: Om2009T5,Om2008.8,SHR

System boot.png atd-over-fso

Łukasz Pankowski has uploaded new release of atd-over-fso. It fixes problem with atd exiting during system start up. Now atd-over-fso is waiting for org.freesmartphone.otimed instead of exiting if it is not available on first call to SetAlarm. The previous behavior caused atd to exit during system start up if frameworkd has not yet started org.freesmartphone.otimed and at least one alarm was set (left from previous system run or before otimed was ready).

Package: atd-over-fso
Tested on: Om2009T5,SHR

Launcher.png Launcher 0.37

Launcher is a homepage/launcher application, written in C, using elementary and sqlite. It has the following main features

  • In built contacts, sms, phonelog app
  • Categorises your applications (personalised categories and grouping)
  • Notifications for new sms/ missed calls on home page
  • cell broadcast / location info on home page
  • ability to set your own wallpaper
  • uses opim backend
  • contacts categories
  • better sms workflow

Package: launcher
Tested on: OM2009T5, SHR-Unstable


  • Álvaro Lopes decided to create a blog to post weekly news about the gta02-core project. Lets hope this will attract those that hate emails and reading through email lists. Information contained there is supposed to be pretty much summarized, quick to read, easy to understand, change log of what is happening out there.
  • Kerstin Balka is doing an research on open source influencing the community and the project includes Openmoko. Go and aswer the poll!
  • David Lanzendörfer has built an optimized rootfs for Openmoko on HTC-Dream. Currrently sound and wifi does not work but he claim this will be fixed soon, so it should soon get in usable state.
  • Thomas Landspurg informs that they have successfully integrated CellHunter data into the OpenCellID database. The database has now more than 570 000 cells for 48 310 000 measures. The signal strength field has been imported, as well the "gname" which is the name of the team who has created the measures. Thanks to Sebastian Hammer of CellsHunter for helping out, and to all the cell hunters!
  • Werner Almesberger made interesting approach to have a closer look at finances, regarding gta02-core project.
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