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In the US state of Iowa (and a few surrounding areas), iWireless offers GSM SIM cards on pre-pay and pay monthly plans. They are an affiliate of T-mobile and have roaming agreements with them, and other GSM providers.


United States - Iowa

You need to have a local Iowa 'permanent address' to get service activated. The Ames/Des Moines area is served by T-mobile. iWireless seems to have good coverage in rural areas and in Cedar Fall/Waterloo/etc.

Contract Plans

  • Needs more info

Prepaid Plans

iWireless has unlimited talk pre-pay plans for a number of days. It is only unlimited to local Iowa and some surrounding areas though.

Plan days Cost Cost including tax
7 $12 $13.85
15 $21 $24.26
30 $39 $45.63
60 $71 $83.64

Data Access Plans

  • iWireless has MEGAtalk pre-pay unlimited data plans for 7 or 15 days at $1/day.
  • GPRS data access in the US works fine with Phase 1 phone and instructions on Manually_using_GPRS. Use '' as the APN
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