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No-screenshot.png Cachewolf

A program to manage your Geocaches.

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Cachewolf is a program to manage your Geocaches. Unfortunatly all info about Cachewolf in German ...

You can download it here:

Install with:

tar -xvzf cachewolf_1.0.1532_freerunner_ewe_gtk2.tar.gz -C

After first start you have to change fontsize in /home/root/cachwolf/prefs.xml with an editor.

For gps use:

<port portname = "../dev/ttySAC1" baud = "9600"/>


<basedir dir = "/media/card/caches/"/>

to your needs where you want to store your cache-profiles. You can copy your cache profiles from your pc version of cachewolf too, so that u don't have to spider with the freerunner ...

Debian Users can use the original Cachwolf Java Version from Install the cacao-java vm first by doing: apt-get install cacao-oj6-jre.


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