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This page describes the process on getting the Ångström distribution running on Neo1973-GTA01. These instructions will evolve as better support is added - for now this is just a quick list on the required steps.

NOTE: These instructions will not result in a proper installation supporting the device. There will be no power management, no GSM, no GPS, etc. This is just for hacking and fun.



[EDIT]New rootfs and kernels at:[/EDIT]

Connecting to the internet

  • Boot up the phone - the kernel should boot, and after that graphical boot will continue. Wait until graphical boot is complete.
  • Connect the phone to your computer with the USB cable
  • Set up a connection to the internet for your phone, details in USB Networking
  • ssh root@
  • Add some working nameservers to /etc/resolv.conf

Adding packages

  • Run ipkg update - New package lists should be downloaded
  • Run ipkg install xserver-kdrive-fbdev - This should install the X server
  • Add packages to taste, for example ipkg install task-base-extended angstrom-x11-base-depends angstrom-gpe-task-base angstrom-gpe-task-settings libesd0
  • Reboot the phone


After rebooting X should start at the end of the graphical boot and the first application to start up should be stylus calibration and then creating the first user account.

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