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If you think something is wrong with a Wiki page, please fix it. If the problem is larger with this Wiki in general, please add your thoughts on this page and mail the openmoko documentation mailing list. You may just want to read existing proposals and put your vote on them, Wiki Maintainers will appreciate. Wiki maintain agenda.

When adding an issue please

  • Provide a reason
  • Provide your name as vote for the action to be taken (you can automatically enter your username by typing "~~~")
WARNING: Comments without name might be deleted without consideration. We may need to ask for more information before implementing a proposal. Thanks for understanding.

Accepted and implemented requests should be deleted. Rejected requests should be moved to the bottom of the page to avoid requesting them again.

Wiki Pages

Pages capable of development

Redundant Pages

Tidy up

Pages proposed for deletion

Page Reason Yes votes No votes
ChangeLog Outdated Kempelen, Marko Knöbl User:Dolfje: I've changed it
Neo1973_AUX_Button Getting started includes this info for GTA02 Kempelen, Marko Knöbl
Neo_1973_Power_Button Getting started includes this info for GTA02 Kempelen, Marko Knöbl
Roadmap Emtpy bascially Kempelen, Marko Knöbl
Why Not QT and Talk:Why Not QT outdated Marko Knöbl, Kempelen
Application outdated Marko Knöbl, Kempelen
Community Member of the Week not used anymore since April Marko Knöbl, Kempelen
Community nominees for GTA02 P0 outdated, not needed anymore Marko Knöbl, Kempelen
Config Options little content, not maintained Marko Knöbl, Kempelen
Neo 1973 Phase 1 outdated, unfinished page Marko Knöbl, Kempelen
Developer preview outdated Marko Knöbl, Kempelen
ETel and Talk:ETel is about a past event Marko Knöbl Kempelen (moved to Event category that's for past events too)
Finger Scrolling and Talk:Finger Scrolling Was only used in Om 2007.2 Marko Knöbl
Finger Toolbar and Talk:Finger Toolbar Was only used in Om 2007.2 Marko Knöbl
GPS Navigation and Talk:GPS Navigation is already implemented: see GPS Applications Marko Knöbl Kempelen Need to merge use cases first.
GTA02v5 only contains links to deleted pages Marko Knöbl, Kempelen
Guitar Tuning/de english page was already deleted Marko Knöbl
Hear Me FIC, Talk:Hear Me FIC and Hear Me FIC/it no new suggestions since July 2007 Marko Knöbl, Kempelen
Talk:Who is Who Outdated, no information Kempelen
Widget_Inheritance_Graph Outdated and quite unlikely to get updated Kempelen

Pages that especially need work


General issues with categories

  • Please read wikipedia Categorization page and FAQ
  • There are way too many categories.
  • The categories index is static and therefore out of date.
  • The wiki index is another static categorization. It is therefore out of date. Moreover, it seems strictly hierarchical, while actually pages should be described with multiple categories, and categories can have multiple parents.
  • There should be a small number of a orthogonal category trees, each describing one consistent conceptual taxonomy.
  • Ideally categories should not include language, if we don't do so the list of pages is cluttered.
  • There should be only one category taxonomy for the "Neo type" with subcategories "FreeRunner", "Neo1973", "GTA03"... Otherwise, categories should not include the Neo type.
  • Another big taxonomy can be based on the layers model. "Hardware", "Drivers", "Operating system", "Framework", "Applications", "Distributions". With many subcategories here.
  • A taxonomy of technical level of expertise "General public", "Beginners", "Users", "Experts".
  • A taxonomy by function or by subsystem: "Phone", "Wifi", "GPS/GPRS modem", "USB", "Bluetooth", "Accelerometers", "Audio", "Power", "SD card", "Serial bus", "Display", "Accessories", "Debug board"
  • A taxonomy by maturity: "Wishlist", "Experimental", "Unstable", "Testing", "Stable".

MinhHaDuong 10:47, 24 August 2008 (UTC)

See also: Category_talk:Categories

Lists now implemented as categories

Rejected. (Will remove this section soon.)

Too general category names

These end up in mixed content. They could be removed and content migrated to more specific category names.

Category to delete Yes votes No votes
Category:Documentation Kempelen, Marko Knöbl
Category:Information Kempelen, Marko Knöbl
Category:Openmoko(1) Kempelen, Marko Knöbl
Category:Technical Kempelen, Marko Knöbl

(1) We've moved Openmoko Inc related info from Openmoko to a new Openmoko Inc category. This was the original aim of the Openmoko category when it was created.

The Category:ideas

Problem 1: Many pages have Wishlist: in the title. This syntax is potentially confusing because there is no Wishlist: namespace. I suggest a mass rename from "Wishlist:(.*)" to "Wishlist/\1" ?

Problem 2: A significant minority of pages in the "Category:ideas" are missing the prefix in the title.

Problem 3: There are two templates, { { Wishlist } } and { { Unimplemented } } . Is that unnecessary redundancy, or is there a subtle distinction . MinhHaDuong 20:23, 30 August 2008 (UTC)

Category structure

Applications category contains subcategories for various application groups, like GPS, Networking... This may be a problem if e.g. GPS belongs to Applications and Hardware too (and most of these stuff will belong to both). Maybe we could simply add articles to Applications AND GPS, which won't be subcategories of each other. Kempelen 20:54, 29 August 2008 (UTC)

Basic End User and Advanced End User categories have been created instead User, which was not enough specific term. (And contained only WishList items!) Kempelen

Navigation templates

(FYI Description moved to Openmoko_Wiki_Editing_Guidelines#Navigation_templates, Kempelen)

  • The Distributions page feature a non-templated navigation box
  • We should name these templates distinctly. I suggest using a prefix like "NavBox:".
  • Visual design is by hand (not CSS), and not beautiful
  • Need to test positioning at bottom of article.


First discussion in the mailing list (Note: in the middle of a thread about left navboxes)

  • Yes votes: Kempelen (For real wikipedia like navigation templates at the bottom, not at TOC position, we should move this section to editing guidelines as soon as template implementation improves a bit. Do not delete this please!)

DolfjeBot1 proposals

Their is a bot on the openmoko wiki that's controlled by User:Dolfje. If you have tasks for the bot, please put them here. A request has been made to tag DolfjeBot1 user account with the 'bot' flag. Here is the lists of users with permissions at the necessary `bureaucrat' level.

Wiki engine issues

Can we please install/fix the following features for this wiki:

  • Math - the Tex math markup does not work currently. Test:
    • <math> z =\left (1-\left(\frac{P_{ind}}{101.325}\right)^{0.190263} \right ) \times \frac{87.828}{0.00198122} </math>
    • <math> P_{ind} </math>
  • Syntax Highlighting - makes code much more readable
  • GraphViz works with the commonly known dot language - it allows us to draw graphs using easy markup.
  • AnyWikiDraw allows us to draw svg diagrams directly on the wiki page.
  • Make visited links a different color.

Change Sitename

The name of this wiki is currently "Openmoko". I think it should be "Openmoko Wiki" for the following reasons:

Yes votes: Marko Knöbl, Minh

No votes:

Organize translations

I suggest moving the translations to sub-wikis, like the way wikipedia does it. Currently all translations show up in searches and under category-lists. --Johndoesacc 12:03, 25 August 2008 (UTC)

Rejected requests

When a requested Wiki Issue is voted for not to be done, it must be moved here, to make sure it won't get continously requested again.

  • Don't translate the wiki - rejected proposed by Minime August 2007, moved to rejected by Kempelen August 2008: the Documentation Team looks to support the idea.
  • Use namespaces to separate user-oriented and developper-oriented content. Assuming the default namespace is user-oriented that would exclude developper-oriented pages from searches (unless the user ticks the box, but who does ?). And it can't be done purely in the wiki, it needs admin time. Better to use categories and a prefix in the page name (like BlendeWiki). MinhHaDuong
  • Use category pages instead List Pages Good list pages are allowed and encouraged, as the documentation team today agreed on the mailing list. Kempelen 21:27, 30 August 2008 (UTC)