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Wiki Pages

Pages capable of development

Redundant Pages

Tidy up


These Pages are now implemented as categories, thus the unmaintaned pages could be removed.

Too general category names, thus end up in mixed content. They could be removed and content migrated to more specific category names.

Pages proposed for deletion

Wiki engine issues

Can we please install/fix the following features for this wiki:

  • Math - the Tex math markup does not work currently. Test:
    • <math> z =\left (1-\left(\frac{P_{ind}}{101.325}\right)^{0.190263} \right ) \times \frac{87.828}{0.00198122} </math>
    • <math> P_{ind} </math>
  • Syntax Highlighting - makes code much more readable
  • GraphViz works with the commonly known dot language - it allows us to draw graphs using easy markup.
  • AnyWikiDraw allows us to draw svg diagrams directly on the wiki page.
  • Make visited links a different color.

Wiki languages

Translating this wiki into other languages does not make much sense:

  • All translated pages need to be kept up-to-date. The people translating will not see every change made.
  • A partly (and often quite badly) done translation is no good.
  • People who use this wiki are sophisticated users, they are very likely to know English. They will not use localised pages as they do not trust them in matters of being up-to-date.
  • Rather create another wiki/information page with more static information for regular mass-market purchaser that do not care about 20 ways to connect their OpenMoko device with their PC but just about one easy one.

--Minime 13:43, 3 August 2007 (CEST)