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My Log

Here I write down what I experience with my FreeRunner (GTA02).

Got it from [Pulster] in Germany; extremely quick delivery, good prices and very nice people.

It is very difficult to exactly name the version you can download for the various distributions; and sometimes there are different servers for the same distritbution with different versions (as far as I can see)


Failed to boot from ext2, very curious. To boot from ext2 (as qi can) would make life easier

OM 2007.2

This was installed when shipped; remains until I find a stable later solution

  • Remarkebly stable and working version, useable for telephony and without pen.
  • Some problems with SMS messages reappeaing
  • phone-like data entry is boing, but woking
  • No idea how to test GPS and WiFi; orrey did not read GPS (maybe I did not wait long enough)

OM 2008.9

Works (booted from SD), more to follow

OM 2008.12

Does not boot from SD: Only GTA01 Hardware supported by ASoc driver Found finally the hint that the root-fs must be mounted rw here: Community_Updates/2009-01-12#Tips_and_tricks. However, tricking with Uboot load is a hard requirement for a beginner, even with lots of system experience. I thought that testing from a SD card would be a wise thing!

After 2nd boot, the system runs very unstable.


Works (booted from SD)

  • Telephony rather mature (can read adress list)
  • GPS functioning (usual long time if booted from SD)
  • WLAN not encrypted, because it is nearly impossible to enter any non-trivial key


Works fine (booted from SD), but latest version requires rw mount during boot.

  • Crashes WindowsXP-SP3 when connecting USB (VMware problem?)
  • Very slow (30% cpu time continuously in enlightenment)
  • WiFi access not yet working
  • Very quickly suspending
  • Phone calls working, even in suspend!
  • tangoGPS not yet working
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