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i live in halle (sachsen-anhalt) in the eastern part of germany. started using the gta02 in august 2008.

evaluated almost every version that was available since that.

started testing android (as of 2009-01-26):

used michael trimarchi's images - currently rootfs v7 and kernel v8 but have trouble with suspend/wake up:

  1. when pushing pwr-button to wake up, the phone wakes up and shows completely white screen
  2. sometimes/seldom when waking up this way, the android os is visible but in black-white as tv some 50 years ago... ;-(
  3. either way the phone works... i can call it but especially with white screen it is not usable

as i tried all 2008.x, all shr-versions up to 2009-01-23 and trying few fso-versions, my gta02 worked fine, never experienced such behavior like this

so is my gta02 defect? anyone else experienced this? probably due to german distributet phones (might apply to only few phones)? problem is not related to sim-card since it happens with or without simcard. it reminds me of linux-pc-distros in early days where the graphic adapter was not supported or recognized correct...

currently running (as of 2009-01-01):

shr-lite-image-om-gta02.jffs2 from (24-Dec-2008; 01:36; 61M)

my experience:

  1. caller's voice very low (phone can hardly be used outside)
  2. gps is NOT working with tangogps but usable with agpsui
  3. sms-sender is given by phonenumber only, content of contactlist is not used

since my provider is o2 germany, i started using homezoneapplet 0.2, but there was an error in the how-to "homezone_readme.txt":

it says
from console on your freerunner (not ssh)
~# enlightenment-remote -module-load hz_fso
~# enlightenment-remote -module-enable hz_fso

but the correct syntax is:
~# enlightenment_remote -module-load hz_fso and
~# enlightenment_remote -module-enable hz_fso

i do have the following questions though:

  1. are my entered contacts stored on the SIM or in the phone? Om 2008.X stores by default on the phone, but the app gives you the opportunity to copy to SIM.
  2. how do i get tangogps recognizing the gps chip?
  3. how do i get tangogps using OSM-maps? i have a 200 mb bin-file downloaded.
  4. how do i fdisk my mmcbkl0. the old kernel seems to use the old partition table? when i print the infos in fdisk, the settings are okay. i have a 512 mb sd card.
  5. how do i get wlan to work? i was never able to connect to a wlan, regardless of encrytion (open, wep, wpa, wpa2). the graphical frontends as Mofi seem to hang after trying to connect.
  6. how to use bluetooth? in the used SHR isn't even the settings-entry anymore.