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Pikes Navit OSD customisation


		my customisation for neo freerunner
	<osd enabled="yes" type="text" label="${navigation.item.street_name}" 
		x="0" y="0" w="480" h="30" 
		align="0" background_color="#000000cc" font_size="300" />
	<osd enabled="yes" type="compass"  background_color="#00000000" 
		x="160" y="-125" w="160" h="80"  />
	<osd enabled="yes" type="button" 
		x="-96" y="-121" 
		command="zoom_in()" src="zoom_in.xpm"/>
	<osd enabled="yes" type="button" 
		x="0" y="-121" 
		command="zoom_out()" src="zoom_out.xpm"/>
	<osd enabled="yes" type="text"  label="${vehicle.position_speed}" 
		x="0" y="-25" w="140"  h="25" 
		align="4" background_color="#000000cc" font_size="350" />
	<osd enabled="yes" type="text" label="${vehicle.position_coord_geo}" 
		x="140" y="-25"  w="200" h="25" 
		align="0" background_color="#000000cc" font_size="200" />
	<osd enabled="yes" type="text" label="${vehicle.position_sats_used}:${vehicle.position_qual}" 
		x="340" y="-25" w="100" h="25" 
		align="8" background_color="#000000cc" font_size="350" />
	<osd enabled="yes" type="gps_status"  
		x="440" y="-25" w="40" h="25" 
		align="8" background_color="#000000cc" font_size="450"/>
		/my customisation for neo freerunner