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This page is a stub about making Openmoko pretty, waiting for .

One may already Customize Application Icons, change Ringtones and customize the windows decoration with Edje. But there is not much yet by way of ready-to-use themes for changing the look and feel of the phone with `opkg'.

Where to find themes

A Tango variant is at .

The Enlightenment exchange repository has themes, modules and applications.

There are a few background images for the Display Locker screen in Om 2007.2.

How to customize the boot screens

There are three steps: u-boot, kernel and X.

Changing the u-boot splash image

The u-boot splash image is on its own partition. According to ticket 1735:

To replace the splash screen image on the device you need to convert the PNG file to a compressed raw frame buffer content and then flash this into the splash screen partition.
For the conversion, go to and run
  ./ boot_image.png | gzip -9 >new_splash.gz
If your update process runs under Linux (OE package ?) you'd then execute the following commands:
  flash_eraseall /dev/mtd4
  nandwrite -p /dev/mtd4 new_splash.gz
If you update through DFU, you would:
  dfu-util -a splash -R -D new_splash.gz
Note the NOR also contains a copy of the splash screen. If you generate a new NOR image with "mknor", just specify the new image with -s boot_image.png, and it will put the "openmoko" text near the bottom of the screen. 

Changing the Kernel's boot splash image


Changing X's startup