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i recive instead of

"Program: (34 sectors, 267*8k=2136k) (*******************) ok"


"Program: (0 sectors, 0*8k=0k) () ok"

iam currently reflashing the old firmware, that seems to work.

iam using an non-us gsm-freerunner (recived yesterday so most likely the latest hardwar)


[2008-11-19 04:46:39] <Wonka> DocScrutinizer: flashing to moko10-beta2 went though cleanly, i already had working ppp connects with the previously non-working SIM.

[2008-11-19 04:48:24] <Wonka> DocScrutinizer: but there are still problems... more often than not, the GSM chip does not answer. pppd opens the device, gets "AT command interpreter ready", utters "AT\n" and gets nothing. power off, power on, reset on, reset off, try gain... sometimes it works, but mostly not.

O2 UK prepay 3G SIM works with moko10-beta2, was previously not detected. T-mobile UK prepay SIM and old Orange UK contract SIM work with both old and new. Testing so far is cursory at best, but looks good. [quote: Alastair Johnson on devel-ML]

[2008-11-21] I flashed 6 out of our 8 Freerunner V.6 according to the GSM/Flashing- guide. I had no problems and the previously useless 3G- SIMs are working fine now. It seems like the 3G- SIM Issue, our beloved #666, is solved. You should point it out clearly. I heard a lot of users complain about this. The solution is simple and well hidden on the website. By the way, i have new 3G- SIM cards of the following german providers running without problems (O2, T- Mobile, E-Plus, Vodafone). Before the flashing procedure the Vodafone cards were not detected. Good work guys... thanks! Reiner

Works now with new gsm firmware moko10beta2 with O2 in Germany

Very great, I can make calls now after waiting for 5 month, big surprise :). Thanks a lot! --Kevin 15:18, 20 November 2008 (UTC)

I'm very happy to be able to report that the update went smoothly for me (without yielding any surplus "building materials") and that a new O2 SIM from which never worked in my Freerunner before now seems to be working fine. Great work!



Thomas White Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy Electron Microscopy Group (PhD Student) University of Cambridge / Downing College

The flash worked without a hitch for me and now I am able to use a Vodafone prepaid SIM in my 850MHz unit while back in Europe. I am running Om2008.9 with the 20081023 FDOM modifications applied.

Great job!



Replying under subject Success :) I've combined what Michael said (few echo 1 >> .... and echo 0 >> .... in the other terminal) and Joerg's suggestion (-oo instead of -oO) and it worked perfectly. The upgrade to moko10 was done.

So I can confirm the freerunner now works with Simobil's (Slovenian GSM operator) SIM.

Great job and thanks to all that took the time to do it.