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Qt Moko

Qt Moko is Debian based distribution for Openmoko Neo FreeRunner phone. Phone and user interface is based on Qt Extended Improved formerly known as Qtopia. QtMoko wiki can be found here.


Download the following files from radekp download to you desktop computer:


If you flash the freerunner with a kernel image from Qt Moko, then you must install the kernel and the root file system. If you have Qi installed then you can install the Qt Moko on the SD card. This seems to be useful if you want to work with different distribution and you can change the distribution just by changing the Mirco SD card in your freerunner.

Switch off your freerunner and press AUX and Power-On button at the same time. Your freerunner is showing the following U-Boot Menu:

  *** BOOT MENU (NOR) ***
  Boot from Mirco SD (FAT/ext2)
  Set Console to USB
  Set Console to Serial
  Power Off  

The freerunner will stay in this mode for only 30 sec. Within this time you have to start dfu-util. Otherwise the freerunner will start to boot the installed operating system. If you want to flash the kernel image (you will need to be root on you PC) then you have to start the following command in the 30sec your see the BOOT MENU:

# for the Neo FreeRunner:
dfu-util -d 0x1d50:0x5119 -a kernel -R -D  uImage-v13.bin

and finally the root fs with this one:

# for the Neo FreeRunner:
dfu-util -d 0x1d50:0x5119 -a rootfs -R -D qtmoko-debian-v13.jffs2

First Boot

After finishing the installation without errors you have to start the freerunner and calibrate the touch screen. The you see the installed Qt Moko on your device.

Qt Moko after first boot


If you want to login to your freerunner set up network connection (see USB Networking) with USB cable and start:

  desktop# ssh -X -l root

The root password is empty so set it for security reason especially when you open the ssh-daemon on the WLAN network interface. Define root password as usual on a linux box with

  neo# passwd

If you have established the internet connection via USB cable then update the repository data:

  neo# apt-get update 

If you want to check if the internet connection is available on your freerunner ping the OpenMoko web server with:

  neo# ping
  neo# ping

If the first ping works and the second doesn't then check the DNS server settings (see USB Networking).

Setting Time and Date

Set the time and date on from your linux box with

ssh root@openmoko "date -us @`date -u +%s`"

If you want to set the time with a NTP Client install the following package, if you have a network connection available (see USB Networking)

# apt-get install ntpdate
# ntpdate-debian

For further detail see Setting Date and Time.