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This project provides a PCB extension board and software to combine a Beagle Board with a Freerunner compatible display and case.

The goal is to provide a demonstrator and experimentation platform how a future modern state-of the art Openmoko device with ARM-Cortex A8 and UMTS could be (neglecting miniaturization). This allows to develop software and new user interfaces. When packing the board into a Freerunner case, one can provide sound (microphone, earset, speaker) and vibracall.

What it is good for

  • experimenting with touchscreen and new user interfaces on Beagleboard
  • learn how the OMAP3530 design works
  • make it a mobile application development platform by adding a battery pack and a UMTS usb stick
  • investigate how an Openmoko with UMTS and OMAP3530 feels (not from haptics but screen operation and UMTS speed)
  • porting SHR, QtMoko, Android, etc. to ARM-Cortex A8, NEON


The project announcement:


Here some pictures of our prototypes (the final PCB will be rotated by 180 degrees to allow to access the SD slot).


  • PCB that fits into Freerunner case (top cover and middle part after cutting a hole)
  • works also outside of a case
  • Toppoly LCM interface (same display as used in the Freerunner - otherwise it would not fit into the case)
  • TSC2007 touch screen controller
  • Microphone
  • Earset and Speaker connector (for Freerunner case)
  • 2 buttons (AUX and Power)
  • 2 dual color LEDs (in the AUX and Power buttons)
  • vibracall driver
  • headset jack to connect microphone, earset and speaker



locate binaries for MLO (first phase boot loader), U-Boot, boot scripts and splash screens, Kernel, Angstrom Demo Image, patches (config.tgz) and modules (modules.tgz) from

Please note that you have to copy them in a specially formatted SD card. Look into the makesd script for an example (WARNING: adapt to your system or you may destroy your hard disk).

U-Boot GIT

Kernel GIT



Assuming that we don't get unexpected problems (e.g. vulcano-delay) with important components, availability is scheduled for End of May 2010.

The board can be preordered through: