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Keyboard guide

ASU Keyboard

The ASU features several keyboard layouts that users can switch between while typing.

  • A lower case alphabet
  • A uppercase alphabet
  • A numeric keyboard
  • Special characters.

The keyboard also features some auto-word recognition that tries to guess the word you are trying to type.

The keyboard also features a zoom lens that allows magnifies the letter your finger (or stylus) is over.

Writing something

ASU Keyboard with hello

If the keyboard pops up, just write someting. The word recognition will try to guess the next inputs and displays the word it thinks you want to write. If you click on this word (or slide the finger over the keyboard to the right), it will be transfered to the cursor position in the input field that is currently selected. This is also true if the word recognition cant guess what you are typing in which case it just displays the typed characters.

Deleting text

To delete the word you have typed before you transferred it to the input box, you can erase it by simply sliding your finger left on the keyboard (this writes a backspace, see below)

Changing keyboard layout

The keyboard only displays a subset of the available keys at any one time. To change the keyboard layout to access additional keys slide your finger up or down directly on the keyboard. You have to do this fast that the zoom will not be activated.

ASU Keyboard with numeric keys

The default layout when the keyboard is displayed is the lowercase alphabet but this may be overwritten by the application bringing up the keyboard.

Where is the Backspase or Space character?

You can input a space or backspace by simply sliding with your finger left or right. Sliding left on the keyboard gives you an backspace, sliding right writes a space. Note that to delete a character inside the input box, the word guessing box needs to be empty. If it is not empty, the backspace will first delete the box and you need to slide your finger left again. If something is inside the guessing box, a right-slide will transfer the typed stuff to the input box currently selected (this is the same as clicking onto the typed word).

Keyboard Zoom

ASU Keyboard with zoom

If you hover your finger (or stylus) over a letter for more than 2 seconds a magnifiying glass, or zoom mode is displayed that allows you to see the letter you are selecting. This also overrides the prediction feature for this letter, so you can type specific letters with this method.

Reactivating The Keyboard Toggle

Most applications should bring up the keyboard automatically when keyboard input is required, however, advanced users can activate a small 'qwerty' button which can manually toggle the keyboard on and off. See the keyboard toggle tutorial for more information.

Using the Full Qwerty keyboard