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The internal flash memory is divided into partitions of several uses. The exact partition sizes are stored in the U-Boot environment variable "mtdblocks", and depend on bad blocks of each device. Flashing the Neo 1973 updates partition contents.

Neo1973 partitions
Name DFU# Linux mtd# Size Purpose
u-boot 1 0 256 kB U-Boot binary
u-boot_env 2 1 16 kB Checksummed U-Boot config
kernel 3 2 2 MB Kernel uImage binary
splash 4 3 640 kB U-Boot splash screen
rootfs 5 4 rest of the 64 MB (256MB on GTA02) JFFS2-formatted file system


See also USB DFU and dfu-util.
memento:~# dfu-util -l
dfu-util - (C) 2007 by Openmoko Inc.
This program is Free Software and has ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY

Found DFU: [0x1457:0x5119] devnum=9, cfg=0, intf=0, alt=0, name="RAM 0x32000000"
Found DFU: [0x1457:0x5119] devnum=9, cfg=0, intf=0, alt=1, name="u-boot"
Found DFU: [0x1457:0x5119] devnum=9, cfg=0, intf=0, alt=2, name="u-boot_env"
Found DFU: [0x1457:0x5119] devnum=9, cfg=0, intf=0, alt=3, name="kernel"
Found DFU: [0x1457:0x5119] devnum=9, cfg=0, intf=0, alt=4, name="splash"
Found DFU: [0x1457:0x5119] devnum=9, cfg=0, intf=0, alt=5, name="rootfs"

In U-Boot

See also U-Boot.
GTA01Bv4 # printenv mtdparts

In Linux

root@fic-gta01:~$ cat /proc/mtd
dev:    size   erasesize  name
mtd0: 00040000 00004000 "u-boot"
mtd1: 00004000 00004000 "u-boot_env"
mtd2: 00200000 00004000 "kernel"
mtd3: 000a0000 00004000 "splash"
mtd4: 03d1c000 00004000 "rootfs"

See also GTA02 partitions

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