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neocon is a handy serial console utility (not only) for u-boot.

neocon has a few graving advantages over some other terminal apps:

  • You don't have to be root to access /dev/ttyACM0 with neocon. Being a member of the dialout group should give you sufficient privileges.
  • by specifying a delay on keyboard input(as shown below), neocon will allow you to paste commands directly from clipboard without making u-boot choke on it.
  • neocon can be started without /dev/ttyACM0 being available. It will automatically connect as soon as you start u-boot on the Neo:

The main feature of neocon is actually that you can give it a list of devices and it will pick one that works, e.g.,

# neocon /dev/ttyUSB{0,1,2}

If you don't like the one it picked, you can switch to the next with


This is useful for dynamically allocated devices, such as ttyUSBn or ttyACMn. You can of course also use them with other communication programs - there's certainly no shortage of them - but then you have to handle reconnects manually.


Download the source from to a directory of your choice and build neocon by issuing



To connect to the bootloader use

./neocon -t 30 /dev/ttyACM0

To quit neocon type:


An alternative to NeoCon is picocom.