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This document explains the current kernel plan for the GTA01/GTA02 kernel. The idea is to share the motivations behind the actual decisions.


Current priority

The current priority is to make the andy-tracking branch stable.


Patch review process

If the patch has not issues that we can tell and it is relevant it will be applied. If we can tell it is a good patch right away or that it is a critical fix we will just apply the patch.

Otherwise we will allow for two days before applying non-trivial patches to allow for community feedback and for feedback from subsystem maintainers. In the ideal case we would get ACKs from other developers (like "i like this patch") but we don't know if we can count on this.

Use tags and not forks for stable kernels

The next stable kernel will be stable-kernel-2009.1. This is the list of the bugs that need to be fixed for it to happen.

We hope that developers actually care about the development branch. If they care, they will helps us reject patches that will likely cause trouble because it will break things. We will also get more testing.

We will tag stable kernels in the repository.

We know that people like forks and code that does not change often, but the linear model is working with upstream kernel (with a lot more people involved of course).

If the tagging approach fails for us we'll create a stable branch but let's delay this action until we actually need it.

Upstream Linux kernel

For the next merge window we wish to send:

  • Basic GTA02 support (Update: sent and included)
  • Touchscreen Driver and filters


Issues to solve

Define how to keep track of the upstream kernel

How to up-level the kernel to latest upstream version? (We can delay this decision).

Make a better use of trac

There are many bugs that might be invalid. If you reported a bug and/or you know it is no longer valid please ask us to close it (this can be done in the same bug report).

We'll use milestones to filter the noise and to be able to focus on the important bugs.


We have a patchwork installation ( ) requested by Angus but it still have some issues. It would be nice to use it in the future.


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