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Illume keyboard (aka Raster Keyboard, as it has been made by Rasterman) is a non-predictive, corrective keyboard. It has been thought not to guess the word you want to type and suggest it to you before you end typing, but to take into account the fact that since the keyboard space is little, you might have pressed a wrong key while typing.

It is intended to work with a dictionary for your language, any dictionary taken from the /usr/share/dict directory of your linux distro is ok, after you have the dictionary the keyboard learns new words as you type them.

Illume keyboard has three modes you can use: Default, Number and Terminal you can switch with the button on top right. Number and Terminal are quite self-explaining, the only interesting thing is that if you feel like changing their layout to something more confortable to you, you can edit the corresponding .kbd in /usr/lib/enlightenment/modules/illume/keyboards/. Default mode works like this:

  • you type a sequence of letters
  • for each letter you type the keyboard takes into consideration the distance from the point you pressed and ANY letter in the neighborhood, not only the one you pressed. This is becouse you might have missed the letter you wanted to type.
  • while you type, the keyboard makes a combination of all the words that you could have typed, looks for them in the dictionary and presents them in a order that depends both on their frequency use and the distance from coordinates from where you touch the screen.

Now tips and usage tricks:

  • if you want to enter a word that it's not in the keyboard, you simply enter it, then push the button on top left. That button shows the complete list of the possible words, and on top of it the one you really entered.
  • if you push a letter and keep it pushed for a couple seconds, you enter exactly that letter.
  • to backspace or whitespace you slide with your finger on any place in the keyboard from right to left or from left to right.

You do not need to erase that much, keep in mind that the keyboard is done to correct your errors, so if you realize you pushed the wrong letter, go on typing instead of erasing.

Raster explained this in a long and detailed post, here