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GridPad is an alternative input method for entering text with your finger, a Simple Character Recognizer Software. It’s an approximation to a handwriting recognition program, but in the most simply way that you can think. Have a look in the User Manual to know how GridPad works.

This version includes the following features:

   * Integration with Illume (QWERTY button integration)
   * Learn Mode
   * Capital letters, Normal letters, Numbers and Symbols.
   * Predictive mode
   * Paint the strokes over the screen. Now, GridPad will show directly the letter as you trace it.
   * If the stroke that you trace match with some letter, that letter will appear in first place on the predictive zone

We prepare a small User Manual that include also the older versions of GridPad ;). All those new features are explain in the User Manual.

The strokes that are include on GridPad by default come from your suggestions and our own experience. We still want to improve those files and you can help us. If you want to collaborate write your own strokes as a comment on this post to share with the community.

Code at:

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