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There is a GTA04 Group Tour ( to get enough units to reduce the price from currently 666 EUR to 479/499 EUR. Unfortunately this is still too high for some members of the community, while others are willing to donate some money to make the group tour a success, but don't need two or more units.


To bring both parties together, please add yourself to this list if you are seeking a subsidy from a helpful donator. Ir if you search someone to do substantial work and want to subsidize it.

How to use this list

Since you should also give something to the community, please formulate a project what you would like to work out. Donators should scan this list and directly contact the project owner. If you agree, arrange for a single order in the online shop.

Project Proposals: I am seeking for a donation

  • Project: <please describe briefly what you want to contribute to the community if you had a GTA04>
  • How much you could afford yourself: <e.g. 200 EUR>
  • Date added: 6 mar 2012
  • Your contact data: <email address>

  • Project: I want to improve the example driver of the 3.2 kernel and bring it upstream
  • How much you could afford yourself: 200 EUR
  • Date added: 6 mar 2012
  • Your contact data: me@example.anywhere

Wish list: I search someone to solve an issue and would donate

general ideas

  • camera driver ported to Linux 3.2 and made working
  • improved suspend
  • FM transceiver
  • BlueTooth pairing w/ automobile or headset for hands-free communication. Needs: Audio, contact list, direct DTMF dialing (via keys in vehicle)
  • <please add>

template - please append projects

  • Project: I want to see Kernel/API improvement
  • How much you would donate: 500 EUR
  • Date added: 8 mar 2012
  • Your contact data: me@example.anywhere

  • I would like to see any improvement in the kernel and user land for GTA04
  • I have 2 GTA04 boards paid for as a donation
  • Date added: 8 mar 2012
  • Contact me for details: