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We'd like to know the real network registration status by our NEO devices in the world. Please provide some information about your NEO status! The question list as below:


1. What NEO device you are using? GTA01 or GTA02

2. Where is your location and what is your network provider? eg. T-Mobile, San Francisco in USA

3. When you boot the NEO, how long it takes to register the network? eg. in normal case, it should be able to register to a network in 1~2 minutes immediately.

4. What is your GSM firmware version? you can get this number by an AT command. Using SSH to your NEO, then type this command: How to use SSH How to use libgsmd-tool root@fic-gta02:~# libgsmd-tool -m atcmd

RSTR=`+CGMR: "HW: GTA02BV5, GSM: gsm_ac_gp_fd_pu_em_cph_ds_vc_cal35_ri_36_amd8_ts0-Moko6"'

5. What is your IMEI code? by this AT command like previous steps.

RSTR=`+CGSN: 000000000000000'

6. if NEO takes over 3 minutes to register to the network or it just re-register to the network again and again. Please attach your gsm log file ('/tmp/gsm.log') to our bugzilla, we already created a bug for this issue.

Results table

Owner Location Network Provider How/When purchased SIM card Device GSM firmware IMEI Status GSM log
User:MichaelShiloh San Francisco, CA, USA T-Mobile with phone, > 2years GTA01 Moko6 YES just fine no
User:MichaelShiloh San Francisco, CA, USA AT&T with phone, 8/28/07 GTA01 Moko6 YES takes several minutes to register, home network rejects, CME error 32, reregisters continuously no
User:MichaelShiloh San Francisco, CA, USA AT&T replacement for one received with phone, 3/17/08 GTA01 Moko6 YES preliminary test: registers promptly to home network. Will test in various locations and report back. no
User:MichaelShiloh San Francisco, CA, USA AT&T prepaid, no phone, 3/13/08 GTA01 Moko6 YES just fine in some locations, but in others it takes several minutes to register and reregisters continuously. however, always better than card that came with phone no
User:SpeedEvil Fife, Scotland, UK T-Mobile GTA01 Moko1 YES Just fine no
Erin Yueh Taipei, Taiwan TW mobile GTA02BV5 Moko6 NO Normal, can register to the network immediately no
Marcus Bauer Nice, France Orange GTA01Bv4 Moko4 YES Registers immediately and stays registered for ~10 minutes before the re-registering loop starts once per minute log
Henrik Pihl Kuressaare, Estonia Elisa GTA01Bv4 Moko4 YES Normal, can register to the network immediately, but starts reconnecting to the network in the first minutes. log
Marcin 'Hrw' Juszkiewicz Poznań, Poland Era (Heyah) prepaid, bought in October 2007, never charged, expired GTA01Bv4 phase0 phone (red PCB) with old GSM firmware YES Card expired, home network rejects it with CME Error 32 (emergency calls only), system displays "Registering..." for several minutes. NO
Marcin 'Hrw' Juszkiewicz Poznań, Poland PlusGSM prepaid, several years old, not charged GTA01Bv4 phase0 phone (red PCB) with old GSM firmware YES Registered after entering PIN. Normal work after register. NO
Peter Rasmussen Copenhagen Denmark DK Sonofon GTA01Bv4 Moko1 YES Registered immediatly after entering PIN. Works after that. No /tmp/gsm.log appears NO
Kevin Dean Washington DC Metro Area, USA T-Mobile GTA01Bv4 Moko1 YES Normal, can register to the network immediately, no PIN needed Log (Replaced my wife's # with 9991231122)
Dennis Wollersheim Melbourne, Australia Telstra GTA01Bv4 Moko4 Yes Registers quickly, reregisters every 30 seconds or so gsm log
Thomas Gstädtner Nuremberg, Germany T-Mobile (Ericsson RBS2206, GSM900) 2004 GTA01Bv4 Moko 1 Yes Registers nearby immediately, w/ PIN or w/o NO
emdete Duesseldorf, Germany vodafone d2 200x GTA01Bv4 Moko 1 Yes No problems No
emdete Duesseldorf, Germany vodafone d2 200x GTA02 Moko 6 No Does not register, pin entry works, net scan also. No
emdete Duesseldorf, Germany e-plus 200x GTA02 (same as above) Moko 6 No No problems No