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Devices in the field

  1. GTA01Bv3 (made in taiwan) shipped to phase-0 : no revision
  2. GTA01Bv4 (made in taiwan) shipped to phase-0 : no revision
  3. GTA01Bv4 (made in suzhou) first batch of 850 units : Moko1
  4. GTA01BV4 (made in suzhou) next batch of 3000 units : Moko4
  1. GTA02A1 (made in taiwan) first prototype run : Moko4
  2. GTA02A2 (made in taiwan) next prototype run : Moko4
  3. GTA02A3 (made in taiwan) 3rd prototype run : Moko4
  4. GTA02A4 (made in taiwan) 4th prototype run : Moko5
  5. GTA02A5 (made in taiwan) 5th prototype run : Moko5
  6. GTA02A5 (made in suzhou) PVT run: Moko7
  7. GTA02A5 (made in suzhou) MP devices: Moko8
  8. GTA02A6 (made in suzhou) MP devices: Moko8 (might change to MOKO10)
NOTE: TI revision number had never been released from TI, what we only have is released date. You can get complete firmware revision through AT+CGMR


  • The code base is n7_19 released from TI at 04/19/2007
  • Support the AT Command AT@ST to control the sidetone level
  • Support the AT Command AT@AUL to load the audio table
  • Generate wakeup interrupt to s3c2410
  • Support the AT Command AT@POFF to power off GSM modem
  • Support these AT Commands, AT+CGSN,AT+CGMM,AT+CGMR,AT+CGMI


  • Based on Moko1
  • Remove the TI's implementation of wakeup interrupt.When GSM modem get an incoming call, it will pullup the pin TPU_IDLE to generate an interrupt, since we have implement the wakeup function ourselves, just remove it.


  • Based on Moko2 and modified libs release from TI at 06/22/2007
  • Support deep sleep(power saving issue)
  • known issues:
    • We need to power off GSM modem from Application processor through external interrupt, hence we need to implement an isr within GSM modem to do that.
    • For current gsmd, it doesn't support wake-up function. Hence,when modem falls into deep-sleep, gsmd will be blocked because it couldn't receieve respond from modem.


  • Based on Moko3
  • Fix Bug 212, setting AT@ST is broken



  • Based on Moko5
  • Specific information is hard-coded, that means, there'll have different moko6 for different hw version.
    • Because the hw problem cause the ti_tat unstable, we roll back to hard-coded scheme.
  • We don't need rfcap anymore, it'll be written into GSM filesystem automatically when modem power on.


  • Based on Moko6
  • Support [.. NDA edited (jOERG) ..]


  • Based on Moko7
  • Support AT@BAND to get current band, 900, 1800, 850 or 1900.
  • TI updated the l2r.lib for SIM Card Write Endurance issue.
  • Note
    • T-mobile re-camping problem : 4 Neo but only one has this problem, close this issue.
    • AT&T re-camping problem remains open. See #1024



  • Adds "AT+CSIM" (for swisscom)


  • MOKO9 with version string changed to not longer show hw-revision of device.


  • GPIO 1 is no longer set erroneously to high after reset
  • Hardware assisted CTS handshake is enabled to avoid sending characters
   from TX fifo after CTS goes high


changed version-string (remove "beta")

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