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NOTE: Explanation to deletion: most information concerning problems with some SIM-cards can be deleted now, as this problem has been fixed a long time ago with the new GSM firmware. Deletion proposed by Marko Knöbl

FreeRunner SIM compatibility

See also: FreeRunner Hardware Issues


So far there were no credible reports of any issues left with any sim cards after upgrading GSM firmware. So, basically, if it works with any old GSM phone, it will work with GTA01 and GTA02 too after firmware upgrade.


There is carrier page documented carriers compatibility Carriers

TRAC Ticket 666

TRAC ticket 666 applies to GTA01 (Neo 1973) and to GTA02 (Neo FreeRunner).

Compatibility table (FreeRunner/GTA02)

Please fill out following table .

Carrier Name Error Message SIM Card Type Country Link to picture of SIM card Your name Did new SIM card solve problem? Notes
CBB Not working 2X New 3G SIMs Denmark See below. Dennis N. I have an older 2G SIM from same carrier that works fine I have an GTA02E flashed with GSM MOKO11. Have tried with SHR and Android.
TDC Not working 64K43 Denmark no pics KB Yes. They sent me a 64K23 card for free and that worked. The chip on the new card is bigger. It has 4 contact points on each of the 2 columns, instead of 3 on each.
CHT Unable to use GSM Dont' know R.O.C Taiwan no pics 王孟蒂 Brenda Wang When I put it on my Neo, it can't dial out
AT&T WORKS 71234 G US image Dave Calls worked, though it was not used much for calling. SMS worked great. Tested with 2007.2, Qtopia, Qtopia-extended.
AT&T Unable to use GSM 71234 G US no pics 71234 G SIM not working, 71234 O somebody in discuss thread say it could work
AT&T Failed to register 71234 D US see below Safire Switched to T-Mobile Got strong Signal Bars with 2007.2 image despite "Registering...". Actually managed to dial and remote phone showed number, but never completed a full call. Dialer kept crashing. Pre-paid brand new sim, purchased July 2008
AT&T Failed to register / SIM Not Found 3Gc 64205 O 4020 US no pics vancel35 Yes SIM is from the days of Cingular, so it's very old. Om2007.2 showed "Registering...". Om2008.12 did not acknowledge the SIM. QT-Extended said "Sim not detected". Used friend's SIM and was able to place a call immediately. Current is 4020, tested with 4022.
AT&T Fully operational Cingular branded 3G fireball 73000G 3021 US image nihil N/A Added a couple layers of clear tape to add thickness so it would sit more firmly in the carrier. Sporadic failure to register with moko9 GSM firmware, updating to moko11 resolved.
Vodafone cme 13, 32 some 3G capable DE no pics Fsp no most up-to-date Plan debitel
Vodafone No sim present 3G DE no pics doopa no Default sim bought in a vodafone store (1 year old - i.e. 2007/8). Was able to make it work by flashing to the gsm firmware moko10 as per instructions on the wiki.
Three (3) (UK & Ireland) No sim present 3G UK no pics doopa no Tried both the English and Irish Three sim cards. Neither worked after upgrade to moko11.
T-Mobile No Error 2G SIM US no pics Community List Pre-paid SIM
e-plus not working 3G SIM DE no pics Community List Plan SIM
e-plus (SIMYO) 2G seems working/3G not 2G/3G SIM DE no pics Community List Pre-Paid SIM SIMYO has 2 voltage 1.8/3.3v 72K 1.8V #569 J276/2K 3V #568 H276
e-plus working 2G SIM DE no pics Community List Plan SIM
O2 Not certain/Not working 3G SIM DE no pics Community List Plan SIM, CME: 32, (1001710251761MC working)
O2 (Alice) Working UMTS/GSM SIM DE no pics TheGeneral79
O2 not working 3G sim DE link Kevin Did not solve. Both simcards (7 month old one and new one) are looking identical. I would like to help on testing/whatever, feel free to contact me. WORKS NOW with new gsm firmware moko10beta2 :)!
vodafone(D2 Mannesmann) working 2G SIM DE no pics Community List Plan SIM
Blau SIM some working 2G/3G SIM DE no pics Community List 16K 3V #343 H73 (not work)
Orange working 2G model J2R FR no pics pierrebrua None
Orange working 2G/3G some wokring DE no pics Community List None
Bouygues working 08 series FR no pics pierrebrua Bad sound
T-Mobile Not certain/Not working unknown DE no pics Community List None
o2 cme error: 100

cme error: 313

2G possibly 3g? UK no pics.. YET. tdobson other SIMs work - MTS(RU) Orange(UK) Vodafone(UK) Prepaid. Feel free to contact me.
Orange working 3G "USIM" FR (see below) KewlCat Om2008.8-update (20080827) solved it Pre-paid SIM
Proximus Belgacom Mobile not working 2G model 3V BE no pics pierrebrua None
BASE not working 3G model BE no pics Ceupers will be asking for a new SIM card
SFR partially working 2G model AF and BC FR no pics pierrebrua 50% incoming calls are missed due to lost carrier
SFR not working 3G model BK FR no pics pierrebrua not detected by the phone
SFR not working 3G model BC and BK FR no pics Drizzt not detected by the phone
SFR not working 3G model BE and BK FR no pics Yoann BC model seems working not detected by the phone
IT VODAFONE not working 64K IT no pics Six-Blade Knife Yes not detected by the phone, changed with 128K and worked
MOOV Working GA no pics Newtek Not fully tested
Mobile Vikings, Belgium Working RaGoe

User Provided tested SIM pictures

AT&T 3G 71234 D

Base on community post:

The 71324 is the SKU for the AT&T latest UICC. The 2022 is the Vendor and Version number.

Some cards the vendor numbers are

  2 - G&D
  3 - Gemalto
  4 - Oberthur

Usually user will get CME ERROR 13 (sim failure), rather than CME ERROR 10 (sim not inserted) when 3G SIM not working.

CME ERROR: 32 is Network not allowed, emergency calls only, might because the card not activated.

The Error

Here is the AT command:

root@om-gta02:~# libgsmd-tool -m atcmd
libgsm-tool - (C) 2006-2007 by Harald Welte and Openmoko, Inc.
This program is Free Software and has ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY

EVENT: Netreg searching for network 
EVENT: Netreg registration denied 
cme error: 32
EVENT: Signal Quality: 31
EVENT: Signal Quality: 31

Working and not working AT&T card

  • Some AT&T cards have same vendor/ID number, but different contacts (Josh posted at 2008/8/24), following image shows that card that working (right) and not working (left) one.

ATT simcards small.jpg

Also, AT&T's new SIM card (left) will work with the Freerunner. It has been tested on om2008. On right is the same non-working SIM as the one shown in the above picture.

Sim cards new.jpg

Working and not working CBB card

Only difference on these cards seems to be the printing. One works, two doesn't. All 3 cards wirks fine in my HP Voice Messenger, running Windows Mobile.


Working SIM pics

Adam 20080713 working back.JPG

KewlCat 20080829 Working front.pngUsim2.png Working-orange-usim.jpg

Dave att working sim small.jpg

Not Working SIM pics

  • AT&T

Adam 20080713 back notworking.JPG

  • Orange France

Jean 20080715 orange back notworking.JPG.gif

  • O2 Germany