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This is the Software specification for the Openmoko Neo FreeRunner Button and LEDs. Note that this is a future specification which is not yet implemented in the software



  • AUX = Button on the left side of the device, upper area
  • POWER = Button on the right side of the device, center area (right below the USB socket)


  • EVENT = Red LED behind the AUX Button
  • HEARTBEAT = Orange LED behind the Power Button
  • WIRELESS = Blue LED behind the Power Button


  • OFF = Device has no power or has been shutdown
  • ON = Device is fully powered
  • LOCK = Device is fully powered, but has screen lock displayed
  • SUSPEND = Device has been suspended to low-power mode

Basic Button Usage

This is grouped by mode:

Mode: OFF

  • To switch the device on: Press and hold POWER until the boot logo appears.
  • To enter the "normal" (NAND) boot menu: Press and hold POWER, one second later press and hold AUX.
  • To enter the "rescue" (NOR) boot menu: Press and hold AUX, then press and hold POWER.

Mode: ON

  • To suspend the device: Press POWER.
  • To shut down the device: Press and hold POWER for 4 seconds. If the device hangs, press and hold POWER for 8 seconds. If it still hangs, remove the battery.
  • To go to the home screen: Press AUX.
  • To display the profile screen: Press and hold AUX until it appears.


  • To wakeup the device: Press POWER.

Basic LED Usage


Advanced Button/LED Usage