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This is a skeleton to try and get the strengths and weaknesses of the various distributions available for the Neo listed in one place. Please help contribute!

Initial information is available at

I will probably start with what is there and fill in what I can.

Features by Distribution

Feature OM2007.2 FSO ASU SHR Qtopia
Description The Openmoko 2007.2 Stack, utilizing GTK+ and assorted applications. 2007.2, since it was the 2nd iteration of the GTK+ user interface that we released in 2007. The FSO Stack, also known as the Openmoko Framework initiative. This one is called FSO, because it’s an implementation of the APIs. You may also have seen the term Zhone which describes the framework testing user interface and is a minor part of this stack. August Software Update. The ASU Stack, the combination of a classical smartphone stack based on Trolltech’s Qtopia ported to X11 and enhanced with an EFL-based launcher and new applications. You may have seen the term Illume which is the launcher of ASU. Stable Hybrid Release, a combination of the FSO, some of the 2007.2 GTK software, and the ASU that provides all of the functionality of the 2007.2 software, but with the stability of the FSO. The Qtopia distribution from Trolltech, it aims to provide a ready-to use image for Openmoko devices
Availability Official Buildhost and MokoMakefile support for development builds Now (Milestone 1) August 2008 No Now
URL  ? Devlopment tracker  ? Stable Hybrid Release
Telephony Yes Yes Between "unstable" and "no" N/A Yes
SMS Yes No Applications exist but don't function reliably N/A Yes
GPRS Not through UI Not through UI Not through UI N/A Not through UI
WiFi Yes No Yes N/A Not through UI
Bluetooth Yes No Yes N/A Yes
GPS Yes (1) Yes (1) Yes (1) N/A No
User Interaction
Stylus friendly Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Finger friendly Partly Yes No N/A Yes
Accelerometer No No No N/A No
Terminal Basic, but unusable due to lack of certain keyboard characters No No N/A Yes
PIM Yes No Yes N/A Yes
Phonebook Yes No Yes N/A Yes
Dialer Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Application Compatibility (Toolkits / Runtimes)
GTK+ Yes  ? Yes Yes Yes
QT/Qtopia No Yes? Yes Yes? Yes
Java Jalimo?  ?  ?  ?  ?
Python Yup  ?  ?  ? Yes

Latest Images can be found here:


(1) works, but need additional software to be installed