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Period 2010-01-14 to 2010-01-28


Android-on-Freerunner-Splash.png Android Cupcake [0.2.0 RC1]

The AoF community has uploaded a first release candidate for 0.2.0. This release contains:

  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Improved stability of WiFi, GPS and GPRS
  • Kernel speedups (no debugging and no pre-emptive)
  • Dynamic CPU frequency scaling
  • Avoid security issue with ADB (now disabled by default)

For a complete overview of the changes see here.
Everyone is invited to take a look and provide feedback to the developers via the Wiki page.

Codename: Android Cupcake on Freerunner v0.2.0
Image: How to install

Hardware Works
Neo 1973 ?
FreeRunner yes
GTA04 ?
HTC-Dream ?
Other ?


New Applications

System boot.png Exampleapp 0.0.1

Exampleapp 0.0.1 is an application to do some stuff..

Package: [http:// www.some.srv/path_to/Exampleapp.ipk Exampleapp]
Tested on: SHR-Unstable,Om2009T5

Application Updates

Elmdentica.png elmdentica 0.8.0

Elmdentica is a simple client made with Elementary. It's easy to use, and it will be even easier to setup. After installing you need to add your accounts. Recent changes are:

  • a bit more polished screens and exciting new features:
  • you can have more than one account, and if you have many accounts, only a few of them enabled or disabled quickly.
  • you have a messages and posts cache (albeit the last one is still incomplete)

Package: elmdentica
Tested on: SHR-Unstable,Om2009T5

System boot.png Exampleapp 0.0.1

Exampleapp 0.0.1 is an application to do some stuff...

  • new example feature 1
  • new example feature 2

Package: [http:// www.some.srv/path_to/Exampleapp.ipk Exampleapp]
Tested on: SHR-Unstable,Om2009T5


Most important and change making mails on the mailing lists, blogs etc.. Coolest hacks, screenshots, themes etc..

Event News

  • 2010-02-07 FOSDEM 2010 | Openmoko Devroom at FOSDEM 2010 featuring FSO, Android, SHR and Hackable:1
  • Golden Delicious Computers GmbH&Co. KG have done another upgrade and are now the first to sell the new variant GTA02A7+. The difference to the A7 is that the #1024 rework ("recamping bug") has already been applied. Therefore the A7+ device now has a much longer standby time in the case that the Calypso GSM modem goes to sleep mode. The company still offers the rework of #1024 bug.