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Who suffers from the buzz and who doesn't?

We need your input to identify why only some people suffer from the infamous buzz problem

Who is "WE"? On OM-HW-EE side this poll isn't considered helpful, as it contains no info whatsoever about actual network-situation (which is widely assumed to be the cause of buzz appearing in a particular situation). Please note the original poster seems not affiliated to OM technical staff, and we (OM) might eventually ask our customers to support a different poll. Also note there's a rework paper to fix buzz, a non-verified draft for now [jOERG]

(#883 #1352).

Put your information in the form below.

Name Country Buzz Y/N Echo Y/N WSOD Y/N Bouncing Calypso Y/N Date code (1) s/n p/n Carrier Mhz (2) Distro Remarks/Comments
mivaho NL Y ? N ? 20080617 8A8603161 56-21147-00 T-Mobile 900 FSO 4.1 Didn't test buzz with headset
Rakshat India N N N ? 20080618 8A8602471 56-21147-00 Airtel 900 QTExtended4.2.2 No echo since flashing QTExtended
Vasco Nevoa Portugal Y Y N N 20080621 8A8602272 56-21147-00 Optimus (mostly GSM1800) 900 OM2008 testing (20081211) Didn't test buzz with headset
Andreas Fischer Germany N Y N ? 20080725 8A8710691 56-21147-00 O2 (Telefonica) 900 OM2008 testing (20081211) Didn't test buzz with headset
Simon Fiebiger Germany Y Y N ? 20080722 8A8704112 56-21147-00 Fonic / Blau 1800 / 1800 OM2008 testing (20081211)/ SHR tested w/o Headset - Buzz only with GSM1800
Simon Fiebiger Germany N Y N ? 20080722 8A8704112 56-21147-00 Vodafone / Congstar 900 / 900 OM2008 testing (20081211)/ SHR tested w/o Headset - No Buzz at all with GSM900
Drac Canada Y Y ? ? 20080620 8A8604782 56-21146-00 Fido 850 / 1900 QTExt 4.2.2 / FDOM 23Oct Buzz 90% of the time , Echo 30% using QtExt
Nathan Kinkade U.S.A. N N N ? 20080621 8A8604521 56-21146-00 T-Mobile / AT&T 850 FDOM (QtExt. 4.2.2, Om2008.[8,9])
marrano Italy Y Y Y ? 20080521 8B8400153 56-21147-00 Wind 900 every

1 = Date code on phone (under battery)

2 = 850 (USA,etc.) or 900 (Europe,etc.)