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This is the wiki's master application list for the Openmoko smartphones.

How to register new applications ?

This list can not be exhaustive, as new things are showing up every week. This page is here to help spreading awareness about applications. Here are instructions on how to add a specific application to this list. There are many ways to go

Method 1 (preferred):

  • Register your application at You will get a package number there, for example 33.
  • Notify the community mailing list.
  • Come back here, click on "edit" next to the appropriate section title, then add a line like:
* {{|33|Application name}} A short description

Method 2: Just link to wherever the application is hosted.

  • Click on "edit" next to the appropriate section title, add a line like:
* [ Application name] A short description

Method 3: Create a new page in this wiki.

  • Click on "edit" next to the appropriate section title, then add a line like:
* [[Application name]] A short description
  • The application name will appear in red, click on it to create and edit the new page.



  • Games/Om 2007.2 - Many small games on Om 2007.2
  • Om 2008.8 Sudoku - Number placement based puzzle game
  • Moko-sudoku - Another sudoku puzzle game.
  • Scummvm - Plays certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games
  • Kobodeluxe - A top-view space shooter, available from 2008.8 repositories.
  • Pingus - Pingus is a lemmings clone with penguins.
  • Duke Nukem 3D - Legendary First Person Shooter.
  • Numptyphysics - A drawing puzzle game.
  • Gnuboy - An emulator for the handheld gaming all-time bestseller.
  • XBill - Little action game to stop Bill from installing Windows(tm) on computers.
  • Xlogical-A puzzle based game where you turn spinners to move balls around.
  • Liquid War-Liquid War is a truly original multiplayer wargame.
  • DOOM- Shooting game , now prot on FreeRunner.
  • MBAC- MBAC is "Moko Bulls and Cows", a classic game for openmoko written in pygtk similar to mastermind.
  • OpenVibe - The first opensource vibrator.
  • Pong progresses
  • OpenMooCow - OpenMooCow reads information out of your accelerometers. Now, if you turn the phone upside down and back again, it "moos" like one of the little toy.


  • GPS Sight - Display GPS information, location, tracks, etc, without maps.
  • Gpsdrive - Car (bike, etc) navigation system
  • Om 2008.8 Locations - (aka Splinter) - Location sharing based on GPS and SMS
  • Navit - Car navigation system with routing engine
  • TangoGPS - Display map (OSM..), record GPS tracks...
  • Pyroute - Pyroute is a routing program written in Python. It features mobile phone GUI for maps, GPS, and routing.
  • mumpot - Display map (OSM), routing, OSM tag editing, a bit of live editing
  • QMapControl - Display maps (OSM..) and add points, lines...
  • Qpegps - Display map with current position
  • Idle Hands - Give a task to you based on your location
  • Gtkaddpoi - Utility for add a POI to TangoGPS using address or coordinates
  • Gpsdcontrol A simple python script for start or stop gpsd daemon with a button on the desktop.




  • Epdfview - PDF reader.
  • Evince - Document reader for PDF, PS, DJVU and more.
  • FBReader - E-book reader program (TXT, FB2, HTML and more)
  • Gutenflash - Fast text reader by scrolling text
  • OMoney - A bookkeeping application



  • Auxlaunch - Finger-friendly app launcher and window switcher
  • Display Locker - Screen lock
  • Gestures - Detect movement and display information, rotate screen
  • Keychain - SSH keys
  • MokoFEM - Monitors GSM information
  • Mokostat - Monitors battery
  • ReMoko - Control stuff via BlueTooth
  • Rotate - Rotate screen when phone is rotated
  • Terminal - Commando prompt
  • Ts calibrate - Calibrates touchscreen
  • Zedlock - Screen locker
  • fso-control - Popup Power menu to shutdown/suspend/reboot.
  • omkeys_functions - Remap AUX key bindings
  • Siglaunchd - A daemon that listens to dbus signals and launches appliactions upon arrival.
  • Pexpect-a pure Python module for spawning child applications; controlling them; and responding to expected patterns in their output.


  • Dialer/2007.2 - The dialer application in Om 2007.2
  • Openmoko SMS Middleware- SMS middleware is a Openmoko middleware software for additional features related to SMS. Plugin architecture and Python based code gives this project lots of flexibility and enchancebility.
  • Paroli -Paroli is an integrated phone application based on Tichy (and so also written in python).


  • Unison - Unison is a file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows. It determines all differences between two directory trees and lets the user decide, how to proceed with every differing file.
  • HP48 Series RPN Calculator - Calculator with many functions
  • qwo- An alternative input method.
  • fido - fido is a todo list\note manager written with elementary
  • The Lightsaber. Pre-alpha starwaresque orphanware.
  • NeoTool NeoTool is a bash script for your desktop system to provide a friendly GUI frontend to some common management tasks.
  • NeoCon - neocon is a handy serial console utility (not only) for u-boot. The main feature of neocon is actually that you can give it a list of devices and it will pick one that works.
  • AaTerm-Terminal that have features like openmoko-terminal2, but have space like xterm.
  • usbmode-a quick pygtk program.
  • Enotes - Enotes is the implementation of a TODOlist manager written with elementary to appear better with distribution that use illume, like SHR.

Setting Application

  • Wmiconfig- wmiconfig is a tool written by Atheros Communications Inc to configure the Ar6k WIFI chip used in the Neo Freerunner. This is a standalone C executable, released under GPL v2.
  • GTA02 sysfs- sysfs is a filesystem that is mounted on /sys which contains various fake "files" that are actually filled by a variety of drivers and other kernel subsystems. You can use it to change settings and behaviours of the kernel and drivers dynamically.


  • Video Player - Using Mplayer on Openmoko smartphones.
  • Quasar - a mplayer frontend for X11.


  • PyPhonelog - daemon uses the framework to track and log all the calls made to and from the moko.
  • Lscd - LSC library/daemon on Linux System.

An automatic list of application-related wiki pages

The pages linked above are all maintained manually. We also maintain an automatic categorization system by tagging wiki pages. Here is the list of application-related pages in this wiki. Normally, every page listed below should be also listed above in the same category. The converse is false: there are applications without a wiki page.

Applications in this Wiki:

Where to find more applications?

At !

Not all Openmoko apps are listed on this wiki - there are much more projects at the Openmoko GForge than the wiki can list, not to mention self-hosted applications on their own websites. Actually the phones can run most Linux based Free Software, using for example the Debian distribution. The mobile phones section of Freshmeat may be a interesting place to look.

Note also that there are many packages in the repository that are not installed by default. If what you want is a classic, chances are that it is already packaged. Suppose you want to install Perl:

opkg list|grep perl
opkg install perl

More application download related pages:


Where to find full distributions ?

  • Download: for complete system downloads

The usual warnings

  • Some of these software are developed by Openmoko Inc. and some are contributed by the community. Any problems with community contributed software should be reported to the individual software developer rather than the Openmoko core team.
  • Most programs listed here are not mature/stable, but only useable/beta.
  • Many programs listed here are not yet packaged for your distribution and integrated in its repositories. Whichever it is.
  • Installing experimental software from the internet is certain to break things. Running it as root is a very insecure thing to do. Kown that you will be burned, have backups, and be ready to apologize to everybody in your phone contact list in case they receive strange SMSs...