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VoIP phone calls with WLAN or Ethernet Connection

If you have Ethernet or WLAN connection available you might want to make free phone SIP-calls.

  • with a free SIP-account you can turn your Freerunner into an IP Phone which can receive make free VoIP-Calls.
  • from some VoIP-providers you can get a landline phone number e.g. 0987/654321 with your free SIP-account and anyone can call you with this phone number independent of you location. If the phone number is in Germany and you have e.g. Ethernet connection with you Freerunner in Japan, your Freerunner will ring,
  • If you have a DSL-Router with VoIP capability and can create another free SIP-account in DSL-Internet-Phone-Box. Your Freerunner will work as an IP Phone and your DSL-Internet-Phone-Box is an IP-Phone too.
  • If you have DynanmicDNS enabled on you DSL-router you can call your DSL-Internet-Phone-Box just with the phone number an the DynDNS name (e.g. 6454545@mydslbox.dyndns.org) where 6454545 is the registered phone number of you box that has the DynDNS-name mydslbox.dyndns.org.
  • You Freerunner can also connect to a SIP-Server you install on a Linux Server (e.g. OpenSIPS).

VoIP applications

VoIP applications for mobile devices include Twinkle, Linphone and Apathy. The SHR distribution only offers command line clients (e.g. Twinkle or Linphone). The distribution FDOM provides a GUI for Linphone, but GUI packages of SIP-Clients for SHR are not available at the moment.

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